Saturday, September 5, 2009

At 10pm we settled in to bed, cat at his feet - all was well in our world.

I was just nodding off when Buddy flew to the top of the dresser - no mean feat for a 16 pound porker. He was doing an aerial dance and really meaning business.

Putting the ceiling light on, I saw the reason. A moth! I hate moths, especially at 10 pm in the bedroom. Tried to lure it to the hall bath by turning all the lights off except that one. No way.

Wayne, in typical man style, "it's only a moth", covered his head and went to sleep. Buddy and I were left to do battle. thought it was a good hint when Buddy sat staring into the ensuite. After checking everywhere, couldn't find the moth so I left a hall light on, covered my head and went to bed.

No sign of it this morn. Probably it will come out of hiding tonight again.