Friday, November 20, 2009

'Flu Shots

"If you bump me one more time with your body, I'm going to take you down."

Actually, don't worry, didn't say it but sure thought it! I was standing in line about 15 minutes, damp and chilled. Everyone was cold so we were all in the same boat.

This little old lady continued to bump me with her body - where was I to go? Would I move ahead more quickly if I bumped the couple ahead of me?!

Anyway, finally we got to the paper work people and darned if she didn't get ahead of me!

As we stood in line, she smiled and commented that the wait wasn't too long. I barely squeaked out an answer - my arms were sore later - this isn't nice but I hope hers were too:)

Word Verification

For awhile it seemed one would never get a "real" word. Now my eyes pop open when I get one!

I had verification set up for a bit but discontinued it.