Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy New Year (Procrastinator!)

So I'm a little bit late with my Happy New Year wishes and resolutions -
My #1 resolution: don't procrastinate - bombed on that one right off.
My #2 resolution: try not to handle anything twice. eg:Come in house, put bag on the shelf, not on the chair, then the bookcase, then finally the shelf. It really works and it's been one of my successes.
My #3 resolution: learn to blog - well, quit rolling on the floor - I'm trying.
My #4 resolution: balance my day - Right now, a little too much play, not enough work!
How did you make out the 1st month of 2007?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

"Happy Birthday, Brian"

So in a few more minutes Brian will be 37! Happy Birthday to an all round great person who just happens to be our son! Thanks for all your kindness and love over the past year. That shoulder must be getting a bit tired from me leaning on it all the time. xx

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Me: So it's Mexican, then? (The restaurant was in our casino hotel)
Him: Suits me.
Them: No, you don't want to go there- the food's terrible. Come with us - we're on our way to our favorite Mexican restaurant and it's only 20 minutes from here.
Us: Oh, OK, (As I looked over at Jack the Ripper and his Wife - are we nuts! Going with strangers to the garage under Circus Circus to get their car. (We found out later they were thinking the same thing as we were in their back seat)
It's amazing how a minute or two can change your life - in this case for the better. We forgot something in our room and ran back, roared back to the elevator. The door was just closing and they held it. Four strangers all intent on Mexican.
Turns out their room was just a couple doors from ours.
What a riot of fun - it was a great Mexican restaurant and we lingered for a long while learning about each other. It was incredible to find we had at least 15 things in common - even birthdays in the same months. Developed an instant "connection".
Anyway, we spent another evening with them at a BBQ and met people in the community they were moving to (from Pacifica, California).
Sad to say, we have never been able to go back to Reno - maybe someday - but keep in touch daily. When they ended their Rocky Mountaineer Tour in Vancouver, they stayed at the hotel where one of our sons is a chef .
Anyway, our friendship grows by long distance and we treasure them.
Update:Heard from them- the restaurant is Bertha Miranda - wonderful

"I Can't Take it Anymore"

Over the years my cleaning closet took on a life of it's own and it wasn't pretty. I snapped when a spray of Windex wouldn't cooperate and go back where it was minutes before. The gremlin of messiness had taken over.

Anyway, the bottles and cans grumbled among themselves as they were moved to new "perfect" spots - "You'll be happier here, I promise".
One more thing to strike from my "to-do" list. Life is very exciting since I retired.

Friday, January 26, 2007

"An Old Proverb"

"After the game, the King and the pawn go back in the same box."

"Due to Circumstances Beyond, blah,blah, blah--

So our older son departed Vancouver this morning for Korea. It's bum-numbing flight - about 10 hours til he lands in Japan and re-boards 4 hours later for the final leg of the journey ---and then a bus ride into Seoul. I think it's about 2 hours to Seoul from Inchon Airport.
As the title says, we wish we were on our way with him but will be in spirit. He called from the YVR lounge and we chatted for a bit- look forward to his updates and pictures.
A huge thank you to my bro who so kindly got up at the crack of dawn to drive him -- special people in our lives, that's for sure.
Anyway, God speed and much love. Mom and Dad

Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Growing in Love"

Have you ever done something for someone "just because you love him"? A couple years ago my man mentioned he loved my hair when it was long. I nervously twisted my 3" locks -"Really, Hon"? At this point I could either change the subject (Oh, look, a UFO) or offer to grow it. Well, 24 months later it rests on my shoulders in length.
It was touch and go (more go than touch!) during the impossible stage but I persevered. Now I find it very handy, especially on a trip. Shower, let it dry a bit, twist it in a knot, roll or whatever and ready to go.
Barring some major problem, it will remain long for him. Considering a soft side bang but it sounds like work!
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"We Know You Do What's Best"

So we are living with issues and conditions that perhaps we wouldn't wish on anyone - but, and it's a big but- we always feel "it could be worse". Everyday is a challenge but caring for each other gets us through.
Had a nice phone call Jan. 21 from Chef and he said he and his brother are comfortable with the choices and decisions I make in life.
I thanked him and hung the phone up and carried on with my day, dancing on light slippers! That night I was thinking about things and our conversation came to mind. I was overwhelmed with happiness that they feel that way - and mostly that they told me. Of course everyone tries to make the right choices in life for their families but you don't know how people feel if they don't tell you.
That call made my heart sing- and I'll never forget the sentiment and support. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Love you both more than my life itself.

Love, Mom

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Some people hate fwd's - I don't mind them at all. Seems to me if someone takes the time to think of me, feel I may enjoy the info/joke, etc. and bothers to send it to me, I should be pleased and actually honored.
Due to much "busyness" in my life, I had little time to surf around for fun. People who knew - and cared about us - realized this and sent fwd's . Really appreciated it and I still do. Since my retirement, some of the "busyness" has eased but thank goodness people who care, still zip off info, recipes, beautiful pictures and cartoons. I'm a bit gun shy myself as got a very snippy, wordy email somewhere along the lines"if you can't think of something original, don't bother sending a fwd". Alrighty then - where is that Delete button?? Problem solved. The humor of it all is that the snotty request was a fwd!!!A bit of irony and that has always tickled me.

Monday, January 22, 2007

"The Good News"

Received my letter from BC Cancer Agency:

Madame Coward:

"I am pleased to inform you that your recent mammogram was read by a program radiologist and found to be NORMAL."

The capital letters are theirs. I appreciate how prompt they are with their contact. Yikes, also prompt notifying me to visit again. It's a great service provided to us.
When I was in recently, a lady came in to book and commented she loved the reminder. Receptionist said some women call and are irate to have a reminder- go figure.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"One Chip Missing"

So when God made me, He left the SOD chip off the motherboard. (At this point anyone who knows me is nodding wisely.)

If I had just one other acquaintance with this "gift". My man handed me an article in the Readers Digest explaining how my very "special" brain works - or doesn't - for sense of direction. Seems it's not that uncommon. It was a very informative article basically telling me what I knew all along - SOD chip is missing.

How I ever drove to Calgary - and found it - is beyond me! Well, I always found Calgary but once it took our 2 sons, ages 8 and 10, chorusing,"Mom, you're going the wrong way!" We had pulled into Husky at Golden for a break and I turned right instead of left to continue on. That little stickie on the dash helped after that - left in, left out. You can guess the first thing they told Grandps when we arrived-- but he knew - no news there.

Anyway, it's still the same in our mall - if I want to go to Sears I always turn the wrong way and shop the Bay! My man jokingly suggested breadcrumbs but outside, the birds get them and inside, nasty cleaning staff sweeps them up.

It's tough to be special.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Twice the Misery, Just Kidding"

Every morn, first thing I do is check "my schedule" for any appointments. With great happiness and merriment I saw: Mammogram 1pm. Well, now I just know it's going to be a lovely day. And I have all morning to get ready and fuss.

Anyway, off to the appointment. Checking in about 20 minutes early, I approached the desk- "I'm here".She smiled at me and said they would have to see the other victims first - their appointments were before mine. Fair enough. So I do what I always do, start writing recipes from their magazines. My issue featured chicken breasts.

Just as my sis and I were frantically scratching out recipes and forgetting why I am there, a little old lady marched out from the dressing rooms. She glared at me, all 5 feet of her and said"It's a torture chamber in there". I smiled my thanks and thought now would be a good time to wheel out the door with her- when I heard"Madame Coward, you may come in now".
Anyway, we head off for lunch nearby - afterwards I check my messages-"Madame Coward? Ah, there seems to be a problem with one of the films - could you swing by again (no pun intended) and we'll just re-do the right side." When I arrived, the lovely tech was indeed waiting at the desk - she is a nice gal and I appreciated her seeing me right away. I told her,"Don't worry about a gown this time" - She was cool and merrily said"Ok" to the clatter of several purses and magazines behind us - of course we meant in the op.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Hygienist is in----

Monday morning and the poor fellow still looked rather exhausted as he approached my desk. "Uh, morning, Ma'am. I met your hygienist on the weekend and she told me she worked here and I wondered - - - "Say no more, my Child".
Apparently in the heat of the moment names weren't exchanged - just occupations???
Using my most submissive posture, I proceeded to collect the hygienist and reunite her(figuratively, I hoped) with lover boy. I found her and the conversation was like this:
Me: "Someone is here to see you".
H: "Who?" icicles already well formed.
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't want to intrude so didn't ask".
She hesitated, then - - "I'll be out in a moment".
His drool had already puddled on my desk when I returned.
I sat in expectant silence - tension was thick, the door handle turned, she emerged.
They screamed in unison - hands raised in horror. Each fled.
She to her cold, lily -white sanctum.
He to the warmth of hookers on Main.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

"What did YOU do this weekend?"

So my co-workers were all young, vibrant and full of energy - in their 20's and 30's opposed to my being 50-ish. We relished our 30 minute lunch hour break to trade recipes, bits of each other's lunches and lives.

One Monday they asked me what we did for the weekend - this after they relayed their adventures which drained my energy listening. So I honestly answered "Dancing". I could see the admiration and wonder in their eyes- mostly wonder- The old girl went dancing. "Wow". Now the inevitable, "Where?", cause it would have to be a cool night club or in my case, a Seniors' Centre.In the family room - after the shock we all burst out laughing - they loved it. I even fessed up it was wild jiving (Little Deuce Coupe) or soft, slow country. They were in stitches. Good times.

"What's in a Name?"

So I was asked how the name of the blog came to be--

Have a great wood burning stove in our family room - my man and I spend most evenings in our recliners - mesmerized by the flames, warmed by the fire and loved by each other.

We read, talk, nap (well, we are 61 and 65!) and listen to music. Buddy the (fickle) cat stretches out near the glass door basking in the heat.

Anyway, back to the blog name - Last Friday we were listening to Elvis' rendition of "Welcome to my World" and as I walked by, my man reached out - we waltzed with Elvis serenading us. A special moment I'll never forget. Kleenex, please.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paying the Piper

So bought these classy navy PJ's with piping trim on arms, neck and pant legs - killer piping. Seems I never go the speed limit at home - I can't slow down - it's 5:30am and I'm cruising out of the laundry room, hammer down.Caught my left big toe in the right pant leg. Splut. If splut were an Olympic sport I'd rate a 9.

I landed face first on my nose - thankfully my eyeglasses flew off skidding under the rocking chair. After all body parts stopped moving I took stock- nothing broken, nose very sore, forehead hurts, knees are burning, right toes hurt and wrists are zinging unhappy messages to me.

Keeping in mind it's 5:30am and my man is sleeping in the far corner of the house from where I am, I call out- my pitiful wail sounded like "Mew" so Buddy the cat saunters in. Checks out me, his food bowl and seeing nothing of interest - "I see you're lying down on the job again "- and heads back to bed.

I think Buddy took pity and whispered in my man's ear because he appeared shortly. Five minutes and I was so sore and stiff! Lending me his hands to get up and always a man of understatement, he asked what I was doing - I said "laundry". Keep her under 50k's on the corners next time.

Cure for Insomnia

Eureka, I have found it- the cure for insomnia, that is. Being my first blog entry please try to stay awake until I finish this sentence - I know it's a lot to ask as I'm nodding off myself -zzzzzzzzz