Thursday, January 20, 2011

And that's the good news

Yesterday the sling was removed for good - it felt so good to not be tied up although my arm felt like it were hanging by a little bit of tissue. Celebrated by walking 30 minutes on indoor track.

Mobility is an issue but I can move it a few inches - work on it every time I think of it. The orthopedic MD set me up with physio at our local hospital - there treatment is included where as private treatment is $65. per time.Due to a long wait list, I will pay in order to start next week.

After this ordeal, I will be extremely careful on wet leaves and ice.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Hung Low - - -

(If your "sensitive", go away now:)

So, for the first few weeks I couldn't wear a bra due to pain/pressure on sore shoulder - I got help to tie a scarf around me, over my breasts, knotted in the back. Looked like the Hunchback of - - -

Anyway, was invited to a Christmas open house and went in my "arrangement". Sometime during the evening the left breast escaped (hence the title)- I didn't notice til sometime during the evening - who do I call for help? Couldn't just walk up to a stranger, "Pardon me, could you adjust and retie my scarf?"

My solution? Walked around like a weirdo kind of holding my left arm by my collar. Actually, I got quite a laugh from this once the initial shock was over.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Someone emailed re: treatment

The first 24 hours I had a soft type sling, then the next day, a two piece cast was put on. 7 days later, hard cast removed and sling on again.

Guess the broken shoulder required sling only but I had a vertical, short fracture of humerus also - he wanted it in a cast for initial healing.


(1)Rent a hospital bed right away I didn't think of it til I tried Wayne's bed out - you have to sleep upright for 3 weeks - a recliner gets mighty tiresome - no good sleeps.

(2)buy a gel cushion to sleep on- my bum was always kind of numb and the sciatica started acting up-cushion relieved both

(3) have a hair cut you and shower and go - not allowed to shower til 8th day and sponge baths were ok but was dreamy to heat arm and shoulder up under hot water before exercising

(4) have a low bath stool so you can fill tub and soak-just helps mentally to soak
(5) empty your purse of all items except absolute necessities

(6)if you can, sleep during day-a great healer - i still was able to sleep at night

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yeah. good news!

So today i decided to try to get a t-shirt over my sore arm and wear the contraption on top It worked! I feel so much freer and "normal". The doc didn't give me the ok but i did it.

Also did a few minutes on the recumbent bike and a few floor exercises.Feeling liberated.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The first two weeks were brutal - even trying to rise from the toilet hurt. Sis brought a commode which helped so much - it fits over the toilet and is higher so the arm didnt pull as much to get up.

Also, she brought a picker upper gadget as leaner forward or bending over was agony.

I used safety pins to clip the ends of a hand towel so I could rub between my fingers to dry them.

Got my hair clipped off so could just let it dry naturally - I miss pinning it up but when I can reach up my hair will have grown enough again.

Sis loaned me some lovely clothes and I bought slacks a couple sizes larger so they were easier to pull up.

Friday, January 14, 2011

December 8/2010 4:30pm

Dropped into my sister's and BIL's for a coffee on my way home. At 4:30pm I cheerily waved goodbye to them - being cold out, I told Sis to get in the house - thank goodness she ignored my wishes for as I walked behind my car, slipped and landed on my right side. Everything hurt, especially my right arm which I held. Remember moaning, "Oh, my God,oh my God." My head and hip hurt but the arm was wicked.

Don't know why but 2 ambulances and a fire truck attended - Sis told me this as I guess I was in shock and not registering anything but my arm. More to come -