Sunday, April 23, 2017


Per Wikipedia, a widow is a woman whose spouse has died.

I am a widow

Wayne died February 24/17

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Reign of Terror

                                                   Grade IV

It was 1955 and I encountered my first really scary, mean teacher.

This year would be "life in the trenches" so to speak and enough it seriously gave me nightmares.

Back then one didn't go home and tell parents how things were - well, the good things, but - - -

To get to the point, this teacher gave a strap on a pupil's hand for every spelling mistake. One little guy, Sammy, was tortured by her and as I think back, maybe he had a slight learning disability.

I lived in mortal fear of the strap and escaped her wrath til one day! An error in our spelling test!

I was so terrified and really offended that I "got the strap" as always studied to avoid.

Moving forward to school's going back in after Christmas and the staff solemnly gathered in our room to tell us that "two teachers had driven an 8 hour journey together to visit family. There has been a terrible accident an one has died." Seriously, I'm sure I wasn't the only pupil making a wish at that moment.

Wishes don't always come true - learned at that time. It was the sweetest, kindest teacher who had passed away. Did I or do I feel guilt for my feelings - no.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Have You Driven a Fork Lately - - -

   So last night I pushed over a full, large water glass on the dining table - in a panic to grab towels, I knocked my silverware onto the floor.

Ran for the towels, mopped everything up, twirled around and drove the tines of my fork into the side of my foot - about where people tend to "grow" bunions.

Now, that's tough tissue to manage to drive a fork into - did I mention it bled like crazy - left a handsome trail to the bedroom and hopscotched over the carpet to the bath.

All is well this morn although my foot aches - wonder why - - -

(Oh, how did a fork drive into my foot, well, it just happened to land at the edge of a bound area rug so when I ran into it, the fork did not move:)

PS Anyone for dinner, I'll let you use my own special vicious fork - - -

Monday, July 11, 2016

Forget how to use blogger

On Feb. 10, 2015, Hanna M came into our world.

She is a much treasured granddaughter - I am having trouble inserting a picture on my blogger so bear with me.

Hanna is now 17 months old and keeps everyone busy - she is busy:)

I'm a grandma!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where are the police when we need them -

Yellows and reds - I'm so sick of seeing 3 drivers go thru the yellow traffic lights followed by 2 thru the red.

Is it only our area or does everyone experience this?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Post # 1 in series - - - Do What I Say, Not What I Do:)

Several months ago I dropped my Rx glasses as I was switching to my Rx sunglasses.

Fumbling around, I stepped on them and jumped as if they were a hot potato - as if that would help at that stage.

Anyway, long story short, new lenses and frames as I had ground them into the only patch of gravel in miles.

Tuesday, rushing to go into Wayne's care home - well, just re-read first few lines!

Couldn't believe it - always change from sunglasses to regular or vice versa - in the car - where it's safer - for the glasses!

Anyway, found weird old eyeglasses that would "do" for 10 days till I sport new ones - just over $700 worth of new ones.