Saturday, May 31, 2008

Found the name - - -

Last year I had a great plant on the front porch but never did find the name - this year I planted it again and the tags were in the little pot. It is: Silver Plectranthus - it grows about 24" long in a vine like manner so is great in large pots. The leaves are really unique, they are soft and fuzzy with depth to them. The picture I posted is from last year. I will take some this year but the plant doesn't show well enough yet.

On another note, I was surprised you are to store canna lilies bare rooted - I'll try that this year.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some days I'm just so lucky. Was emptying the dish washer and found a tea bag - intact! - in a cup. Can you imagine the mess if it had split open?

Some days, I have not been as lucky. We had guests from NS years ago, Took 24 non-pictures with my 35mm camera - no film inserted. Back then, the cameras didn't indicate no film. Felt really badly as they had brought a cooler of lobster - we of course, didn't get the pictures of that delight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard Sale Coming Up!

At least I hope it will be. S&R decided to host another yard sale so I asked if I could put a table up, too. I have many, many books which I should sort thru and a lot of stuff in the house and garage.

With the possibility we could move in the next year, I decided to sell what I can and donate the rest.

Anyone have any "winning" sale tips?

Update: Sorted my linen closet - all sheets (Queens) will be $3.00 - They are in perfect shape.
Ran 2 loads of stuff thru the DW - all glass items will be .50 and all items of clothes will be .50 each.
I have a lot of stuff and figure it's best to price it cheap and make some $ and clear the house:)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Computer Withdrawal

Couldn't get online this morning, man, it's a physical addiction.

After unplugging/replugging the modem and wireless router, no internet connection on my lap top - "here we go again!" No problem, I'll just go to the computers downstairs and log on. Accckkk! No connection.

Why, oh why, are cable located at the back of computers and desks:) I crawled around on my achy knees and could find no loose or unplugged cables.

That's OK, I'll just email Mark, our computer son, and get help. You idiot, you have no connection.
Phoned him and he ran me thru as much as he could and had me unplug/replug the router and modem. Advised I call Shaw for assistance in case problem on their end.

Something told me to try those cursed connections "one more time". Thank goodness I did. Embarrassed to say, I continually plugged the wireless into the old router!

Emailed Mark to confess, I imagine he's still shaking his head.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The plants are done on the front entry. What a job.

Tonight is 1st game of Stanley Cup playoffs so I'll be glued to the set:)

I think Detroit will take it but should be interesting. Reminds me of years ago, my sister has a reputation of not understanding sports. We were watching a hockey game, and I told her to phone Dad and say "whatever" team scored a touchdown. He got a good laugh from it.

Happy Saturday - I think it's Saturday:)
Today I have to get my front porch flower pots done. It's sunny but still too cool to work outside.
Sorry I haven't post - been busy but in a nice busy way. Will ck in later after I do them!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From My Cousin, Louise

Product Galore

Am I the only one with 6 of each? I went thru the closet in the main bath and it's ridiculous. No more buying til I use up all this shampoo, creme rinse, etc. I have mousse and don't even use it.

Same with cleaning products. As I use them, my new rule for myself will be: 1 in use and a spare.

Dan and Neil arrive this evening for a few days so spiffied up the house - luckily company comes, gets me doing the house cleaning:)

Waiting for the plumber to install new rubber things in the toilet. I ruined ours in all 3 toilets by using bleach pucks.

*****Do not put bleach or pucks in your tank unless you want a plumbing bill about 3 months later:)

Have a sweet Monday!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The garden is planted!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who is 62 and Who is 82?

Held the door at the bank for an elderly couple today - the door was so heavy and they looked so fragile I prayed to not sneeze for fear of blowing them over.

They thanked me and I commented the door is so heavy that I barely can pull it open.
He looked at me with kindness and said. "We usually just press that little button over there."

Ah, yes, embarrassed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mama and Babies

U.S. lists polar bear as 'threatened' species

updated 17 minutes ago

U.S. lists polar bear as 'threatened' species

The U.S. government will list polar bears as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act, Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said today. Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey predict that two thirds of the world's polar bears will disappear in the next 50 years because of declines in Arctic sea ic

Luckily, I'm not made of salt! Gardened today in a light rain - the soil is very dry. I weeded my "back 40" and planted 6 more tomatoes and 1 yellow pepper plant, marked out a bed and dug the compost in and topped it with humus. That is the squash bed.

This weekend is to be 30 degrees so have to get the plants in and settled - all by tomorrow.

Image courtesy of MichaelThanks, again!

Now Planted In My Garden

In My Garden

In My Garden

In My Garden

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

God's Creatures, One and All

Have been watching some videos from the quake in China - devastation.

Of course, our main concern is for the humans but I watched one video showing 2 goldfish being sloshed around in their little fish bowl - touching.

It reminded me of a very low scale quake we had here - I was working and felt the floor moving, sprang up from my chair and at the same moment, my Doc. stood up. We looked at each other, wide eyed. Then our big aquarium caught my eye - the water was sloshing around about 1" back and forth - time to run.

Monday, May 12, 2008

"Hon, get up, the cat's sick!"

We put lights on, every light in the house, because cat's black, floor's dark walnut and who know what color "sick" we may happen upon.

I didn't dare laugh aloud but did inside - he had pulled his white sports socks on - like that would help:) He looked hilarious spooking around in shorts and socks looking for the offensive area.

The cat followed us with expectant eyes, "maybe they'll feed me."

We searched every square inch of the house - no mess to be found.

Then it dawned on me, I think I had been dreaming. Oops, didn't dare confess - I think it was 3a.m.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I "borrowed" this from Mari-Nanci

It is the perfect Mother's day picture!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Words Fail - - -

We honor your memory, Mom. After 10 long years, it's still tough to walk by the Mother's Day cards - we avoid and shield ourselves from the pain.
I don't think a week goes by that one of us doesn't reminisce about a dish you made - we try to make it but it just doesn't "taste like Mom's"

Dad used to say there was no better mother than you, we never ever cried in the night because you were there before we called. Wife, mother, housekeeper, nurse and trailblazer extraordinaire.

Thinking of you on Mother's Day and every other day - glad we sent flowers when you were here to enjoy them!

Thanks for all you did for all of us. Your legacy is eternal.

Love from all of us. xxx ooo

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sorry to Bore You

There's not much going on except gardening! Today we planted 14 tomato plants, caged, staked and bagged them.

We worked on our new "compost bed" and came in exhausted, showered and ate sandwiches for supper!

Ah, well, we'll appreciate all the work come August when we make our preserves!

Happy Friday, I remember!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Robin

Today I set a pan of water in the garden with a brick in it. Mr. and Mrs. Robin immediately checked it out - so cute to see them bathing - course this is after they filled their tummies on my precious garden worms - share and share alike, I guess.

No more activity in the quail nursery - I kind of stay away to give them peace. They, too, have a pan of water.

Ran thru the garden like a wild woman waving a towel over my head - those darn starlings chase me for sport! Found 2 empty egg shells in the garden and I think I'll blame the starlings:)


Well, things are starting to sprout in our garden. I keep looking at the peas (1 1/2" high) and wonder when/if the quail will discover them. If they do, good bye peas. Like a nice salad smorgie for them.

Today I made a nice new compost row. Found a hay bale last year so that was gardeners" gold. Added leaves from last fall, corn stalks, soil, yummy worms and kitchen scraps. Watered it down and should have a lovely batch by end of May.

When it's ready, I'll plant my squash in it.

Took a few pictures, not much to see right now. Our weather has been cool so a few warm days will help a lot.

Happy gardening, everyone!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things Mom Would Never Say
  • "How on earth can you see the TV sitting so far back?"
  • "Yeah, I used to skip school a lot, too"
  • "Just leave all the lights on ... it makes the house look more cheery"
  • "Let me smell that shirt -- Yeah, it's good for another week"
  • "Go ahead and keep that stray dog, honey. I'll be glad to feed and walk him every day"
  • "Well, if Rahul's mamma says it's OK, that's good enough for me."
  • "The curfew is just a general time to shoot for. It's not like I'm running a prison around here."
  • "I don't have a tissue with me ... just use your sleeve"
  • "Don't bother wearing a jacket - the wind-chill is bound to improve"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Left Lane Looney

So I darted into the elevator, hand over my nose as if a sneeze could happen at any moment. Looking like Rudolph, the white nose reindeer, I hopped into the car. You see, my nose had a very conspicuous patch of white ointment on it following minor "repairs". He said to wiggle my nose around on the drive home to "work" the med in and also to keep my poor schnoz from getting too sore when the blissful freezing wore off. (Another story!)

I cruised up to a red light, concentrating on my nose aerobics. Looked over at the driver to my left - our eyes met and there was a look of shock (for sure), horror and a faint smile which I read to mean"I can't believe what I'm seeing" - for seconds I had forgotten I was doing nose aerobics.

Although dying inside, I smiled my sexiest old lady smile and roared off. Blissfully, the light had turned green.

Memories of Another Day

On our garden plant tour yesterday, we stopped to admire this barn. It was a lovely, dreamy day and seeing the barn kind of made it special to me - a yellow barn. My Grandpa had a very similar one but of course, it was red and white.
The little "house" looks very old and I couldn't get a good picture but hope you enjoy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Darn Pets!

Buddy will stare at the ceiling or wall - I freak our expecting a huge spider - usually nothing.

Tonight, he crouched low and stalked "something" from the dining room to the living room. Nothing.

Does your pet ever do that?

We had a German Shepherd, 5 months of age and just starting to be protective. One night, the boys (about 10 and 12) and I were alone. Kelly stood growling, facing the dining room, hackles high. I finally thought I had to confront who/whatever was there. Turns our our large diefenbakia plant had fallen over onto the floor.

Ah, well - - -

Mother's Day countdown banner

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, finally some sunshine! Planted 12 cabbage plants today - in the pool bed - 6 early, 6 late.

My cold little garden has been shivering but finally seeds are germinating. One of my worries now is to keep the quail from dining on the buffet of fresh peas - they like the plants at about 2" - just walk along the row and gulp them down.

Fixed the neighborhood cats! Put chicken wire down on all the beds. The die hards walk thru the beds but can't dig.

Have a lot more I could plant but where does the time go? Monday we are going to buy pepper and tomato plants. I seed my zucchini, spaghetti squash and hubbarb squash, broccoli, etc.

Happy gardening!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This picture was taken from the base camp (in Tibet) of Everest and the Himalayas.

I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful night shot.

(I am using it as a header at a mountain too high.)

No more garden clogs - I need running shoes in the garden. We have large evergreens across the back of the yard - full of protective Mama and Papa birds. Today, I crouched low to take the hose to the further most corner of the garden - seems the rhubarb is always missed when watering.

Scram, swoosh! Get out. Screech, screech! I nearly wet my pants - no kidding and the birds weren't kidding either! I dropped the hose and "clogged" as fast as I could out of their territory - well, my territory but a mute point at that stage. Anyway, they don't bother my man so he will do battle with them and the rhubarb tomorrow.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Q: What is the most common remark made by 60+ year olds when they enter antique stores?
A: 'Gosh, I remember these.'
We may not be quite this bad but someday I am in PJ's a bit longer than socially acceptable - anyway, this cartoon made me laugh.

One day a salesman rang and I told him couldn't talk as was in the shower - really, I was in my PJ's. Hope he didn't see my jammie top as I stood at the bathroom window chatting.

Actually, maybe I'm fashionable and don't know it. See young people around in public with their "name brand" jammie bottoms on.

Speaking of PJ's, I remember one Christmas my Mom made me new PJ's and my (Christmas present) doll a little nightie in matching fabric. I still have the little doll nightie - has roses with a kitten peaking out.

Click to enlarge cartoon.

Cat Fight

In all my years, I've never seen a cat fight - got a glimpse of one this morn. I woke up to a terrible wailing racket, howling, nails flying on the floor.

Separated by our glass patio door, were the two combatants - our 13 lb. Buddy and a small orange cat. It was scary and incredible to watch - I carried a broom and ventured into the war zone. Pretended to be opening the door, that little one outside defied me and my broom - defeated by a 4 lb. kitten:)