Saturday, August 23, 2014

Too Busy Living Life - - -

 Lately there have been sad stories of children and pets being left to die in hot vehicles.

In most cases, it appears to be a terrible tragedy - the result of "busyness" and distraction. There is a case of one father alledgedly leaving his child but that is the exception.

I think I may have a solution!!!

What if every person in charge of the child or infant, set his phone alarm for 5 minutes past his drop time? Also, could co-workers develop a buddy system of checking with one another if indeed the child had been dropped off - and not left in a vehicle. If a spouse is in the picture, maybe a text confirmation??

Have you paid attention when the lead flight attendant calls out for crew to "arm doors and cross check"?

This requires each attendant to arm his/her door and then walk across the plane to "cross check" that the door has been secured by the other crew.

Seems such  a simple solution to save lives. Please pass these ideas along to friends and family. Maybe, just maybe, we can save the children - and the pets.

Note: I have a story to tell not quite leaving a child but forgetting my friend! When she broke her leg, I picked her up and drove her to physio, went home for an hour and then picked her up again.

One day the phone rang and she asked if I were on my way to get her. "Didn't I already pick you up??!!"
I seriously thought I had.

She was safe, had a cell and could call for help - unlike the children.

So I understand how the busyness of life can get in the way. It's so tragic when these deaths are the result of a total accidental situation.