Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Bear and I

Usually they are extremely polite and friendly - I was unfortunate to get the exception. Anyway, I'm cruising home after a visit with Wayne when I see an police check stop ahead - first thought, "I'm sure I have my seat belt on. Yep." No time to click it if not cause my bear was in my face before my next breath.

Rolled the window down, "Hi."

Stern giant fellow - "Drivers license." (No please or small talk from this one)

Grabbed my purse which wasn't  there on the seat. A moment of panic til I remembered it was on the floor, back seat. For fear of being shot, pepper sprayed or other wise, I asked if I could reach in the back for my purse. He eyed me with suspicion but decided my 5'4" was no problem for his 10' He said to go ahead.

After a mighty effort and much huffing and puffing  - the huffing being on his part - I had to announce I couldn't reach it.

"May I get out  as I can't reach it or you are welcome to hand it to me. Oh, a towel is over it."

"Against regulations. Alright, get out."

Got the purse and crawled back in the driver's seat. Horror flooded over me mentally - rearranged my wallet etc. shortly before and changed the place I kept my license - I think. Smiled at him to stall for a second - his expression stone cold. (To myself, Aw, officer, I see veins throbbing in your neck and your face is flushed - that's not good - Dr. B could help. She injects bulging veins.)

Remembered I had put my license in the credit card holder and smugly whipped it out. He took it and growled for my registration.

"Uh, I'll have to get out again cause it's in the back of the vehicle, in the little secret hideaway." (Aw now officer, you have a major vein throbbing in your forehead.")

"Your registration is in the cargo hold?"
"Yes, I heard it's a good idea in order to keep your personal information safe."
I think there was a hint of derision as he asked where I learned that. Ok, dear, you are getting it back for being so miserable. "Well, there was this safety show for women on TV - just the nicest officer was giving ideas and hints on safety. He suggested this."

Got out again, opened SUV up and he followed me. Lifted the little secret compartment (which is not so secret anymore:) and triumphantly handed him the papers.

He grunted - no "have a nice day" from him. (There are berry bushes right here beside my vehicle - why don't you help yourself - may help your mood. Oh, I have a plastic pail in the back of the vehicle if you want to load up ----