Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Fine Spring Day

So we are off to the "city" to shop around with Auntie Maime today. It's just beautiful outside- sun, clouds and a wonderful 15+ degrees - that's 60 for those of you south! Have a great day, everyone.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Some of Mark's Pics

Time Well Spent ~~~

Are any of my readers going to follow the NHL playoffs and if so, who's your team?
I am a hockey nut and try not to miss games but as it gets closer to the Stanley Cup they interfere with my baseball and gardening. I guess someone could hook a TV up in the garden for me. My neighbors already think I'm weird so ---prove it. The reason I'm weird to them is for my composting attempts and garden ingredients. One spring I collected dry grass from them and worked it into my garden. The snap peas were way over my head and I'm 5'4" A pic around here somewhere which I'll post.

Anyway, back to hockey, the Canucks are in, I think. Good for them. Poor Marc Crawford.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

So last August, MiHwa sent these two plates to us for our anniversary! They are very delicate in design and a soft aqua - almost pearl quality.
Anyway, I haven't used them- I'm afraid to! I think we should start but just for things like pasta salad - I'm afraid of scratching them. You know me "saving them for good".

Hands, People, Aliens?

I love this pic - let your imagination roam and tell me what you "see" - uh, or am I really that weird:) Be kind, now.
The white asparagus reminds me of a model's hands.

Word of the Day


Sunshine and Steak

So another crisp sunny day. I am doing only about an hour's work as have to get spiffed up to go for steak dinner tonight.Yup, we're bad, Filet. Medium well. Baked potato, vegs, salad bar. Bad, bad, bad.Maybe, I'll work 2 hours - would that make me good? Anyway, everyone have a wonderful day - I'm putting my thinking cap on as Trish is wondering about planting. I think Petra could toss a few suggestions her way. Address on my sidebar. I know, I should link but I'm so bad at this computing!

So 2.5 hours later I have cut the lilac bush off, raked 3 garbage buckets of pine cones and leaves and dug 2 small beds. It's very nice out for working - the house feels like a sauna. We have 2 hours to get ready for the "journey" to town to S&R's - then off for steak for 6pm. Took pics but can't upload them - I need to call my computer guy to come over before I order a new system - due to the $$$$$$$$$$. Uploaded some pics and they are off in my computer somewhere.
When I find them, I'll post them.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Visitors to our Garden

As we walked toward the garden, were delighted to see Mr. and Mrs. Quail having a sun and dust bath. I have a couple large bricks at the end of the tomato bed and they were basking in the warmth.
It crossed my mind that maybe they were picking out a spot to nest as they just drop eggs on shallow depressions, etc. I was kind of glad they hadn't cause I wouldn't disturb them and how could I garden?
Tried to get a pic but the soil and birds blended in so well I just gave up - but I have a pic for you of a male. Of course, showier than the females. Actually, some males have gorgeous turquoise blue chest feathers. Look forward to their first babes and seeing them run - just like Road Runner- can't even see their tiny legs spinning so fast.

After a Hard Day's Work - - -

It's been brutal here in the garden and yard. My muscles doth protest. Ah, a massage, what a great idea. I lay my shovel down.

It seems like hours later but "POP!" Back to reality - I was just daydreaming.

A Day Full of Sunny Memories

So I thought today would be oh, so difficult, but it's amazingly not! I'm grateful for that. The day is crisp and sunny - glad it's not all cloudy and gloomy:)

Anyway, wanted to share a story which helped me deal with the initial raw grief.

A family of 7 was out for a suppertime bicycle ride when Mom was lost to them- hit by a drunk driver. The oldest child was 15 years of age. Struck down literally in front of them. Previously spending many evenings wrapped in my arms of steel, this shook me up. From that moment on, I still grieved but was grateful to have had 53 years - not 15.

I hope this perspective helps a wee bit to those of you who grieve - and not only grieve death. There are many reasons to grieve. Sunny, happy skies to you all today. If you have a story that helped you, I'd be happy if you commented because we can help each other.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We Grieve Because We Love You - Nine Long Years Ago

Dear Mom,

You passed away in the arms of one who loved you - nine long years ago this morning. We have never forgotten you and never will. It seems like yesterday or forever. I guess it's the ultimate honor to have your family grieve your memory - we love you so. Still.
Thanks for all the wisdom, laughter and joy left for us to hold on to.

Forever loved and missed every second, minute, day and year.

Love, hugs and kisses - Your Family

Roses for Mom - Wonderful Memories

I tried to find a pic of glads and roses in a mixed bouquet - it would have been perfect. Think glads were one of Mom's favorite flowers. Sorry, Mom, but you loved roses, too. So glad we gave you them to enjoy.
We all loved Mom's sense of adventure and fun. As kids, she'd get us in the car and we'd all sing at the top of our lungs as she bombed down the road. Of course, had to have "I spy" game going, also.
It was very common to see Mom, all 95 pounds of her, roaring around town in Dad's 3 ton gravel/coal truck - horror on the faces of the town "ladies" and men. We three would be happily stuffed in the truck with her. Dad was summoned by "Grandpa" (her father) who informed Dad it wasn't "right" for Mom to drive a truck! Also, when she got her own car, again Grandpa called a meeting and protested. To Dad's credit he sided with Mom, of course! This was about 1951 and I am proud he treated her as the proud, tough, strong, humorous person she was. The local ladies were jealous of Mom's having her own car and when Dad got her a used Studebaker, they teased her. "don't know if you were coming or going to town!" Thanks for the memories, Mom. From "The Three of Us". Hugs. xxx

Gorgeous day -10 degrees and a soft breeze. Rod came to work in the yard again and hauled a load to the dump. I cleaned out the cedars along the back yard- 12 bags of dry stuff- good for my compost, though.

If all goes well I may get our peas in this week as it's perfect for that. The perennial bed is 80% cleared and I'll be able to move some perennials in there next week.

Hope you guys had a good day.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I hold you in my arms and rock

To chase the monsters from your mind

I murmur calm assuring words

Be still my Love and quiet falls

"Thank You, Honey" softly formed

I answer with a tight embrace

A single tear slides down my cheek

My aching heart now rent anew

Peace and Serenity

I should have this framed - it really speaks to me. In a very calming manner. It would be a great print for our bedroom.
(Photo by Mark)

"Before the Ceremony"

I love this shot of Mark, Mia and MiHwa!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And I end my week on a serious note- - -

I'm getting the shakes! Troubles galore. My printer has a severe case of "something", my camera USB is on strike and the scanner is toast. Does it get any better than this? I'm sitting here thinking maybe I should break down and get the hot new system computer son told me to get last December. And wouldn't you know, I just put new ink cartridge in, grrr! I know my computer is not fast but neither am I - it suited me just fine.

So, in case you guys were wondering why she is not posting new pics, that's why. I finally found a pic of Chef on my computer but all my favs are from a 35mm and I have to scan them. Someday.

My biggest upset is I can't print Trish's music lesson - but wait - is that kind of like "the dog ate my homework"?! That's Ok, Trish. I'm still working on g.f.e.d.c!

Chef !

Roberta and Robert Robin

We are so very excited as Mr. and Mrs. Robin have chosen our cedar hedge to build their nest- I say that loosely as she is doing all the building - he, Robert Robin - is the supervisor- nibbling worms and the odd this and that. He kind of irks me. Meanwhile, sweat is pouring from her brow- well, beak.
Anyway, I foolishly mentioned my observations to my Man and he thought Robert was wise and experienced. "She probably never was happy with his nest so let's her do it herself":) Ouch, touched a nerve.
PS I will try to get a pic of the pair with my camera- I think if I sit very quietly in the garage, eventually they will "pose" for me. You'll know Roberta as she'll be the one hauling the nesting materials:)
PS Click on pic- anim not working)
So I was just laughing about my BIL. He came to visit and decided to finish his night's sleep downstairs. Told him, no problem, there's a nice bed all ready and it's the perfect size.
Next morn he's all stiff and cold and wrinkled up. "What's with you?"

Bed was a bit short - - -(He's 6')

Short??!!Where did you sleep?!

Oh, no! That's not even a twin, it's a single! I meant for you to use the extra long twin. Yes, yes, honestly, there is one down there.

Anyway, we gave the singles away and bought 2 twins.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thanks, Helena!

Scroll down my sidebar to friends to see Helena's blog at witherthougoest and see what she put on. So touching- thanks again.

Our Daughter-in-Law

May I present ---MiHwa!

So I mentioned we have a daughter-in-law. As of Feb.4 this year, I officially became a mother-in-law. How exciting is that. Welcome to our family MiHwa, but you know you have been a part of it for several years.

Coffee Alone

I used to tell Dad to make a pot to enjoy with his morning paper. "No, doesn't appeal to me - when you come down, we'll have a pot" - Being he had only the 12 cupper, I bought him a 4 cupper- hoping he'd use it.
Understand now, what you meant, Dad.

So I've Been Thinking!

I think my blog is "stagnating" What do you suggest?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Down for the Count, Me not the Cat

So I've heard of arm wrestling, mud wrestling - you get the gist. That's nothing. Try cat wrestling- it's time to put ointment in both his eyes. Tonight is the first time he "caught on" and darted away with a wee little mew when he heard me open the box.
Anyway, I have to turn him upside down between my legs with one leg over him, ointment in my hand and other hand trying to pry open a "tightly squeezed shut" eye. This all takes place in the recliner, to try to give me the advantage, ha,ha,ha.
After much "to-do", I accomplished my mission and he had the audacity to beg for "treats" - which he gets after his manicure.
Ah, well, only one more week of drops to go - do I hear crying? Yeah and it's me.
BTW, how come the vet just does it so easily? Practice makes perfect?!

So - What do you Think?

Have to give credit to Mark for this shot - I find it so interesting. Sorry folks, as usual, I don't know how I'm getting that linky thing as I really am just trying to type!When I want the linky thing, no way!

Friends - 3 were missing! Someday - - -

So, here's Elaine, Petra, Shirl and Trish yakking their hearts out (I'm slaving in the kitchen:) because it's the first time we all got together. Lots to talk about and learn about each other. The "party" broke up at 5:30pm - can you imagine?

Word Game


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vancouver 07

By the Way - - -

We usually don't grow plants on the sofa but the blooms are so delicate and pale, I had to have contrast. The walls are the color of DQ soft ice cream (yum) so this is the reason. Not really as weird as I seem:) Was that a drum roll?

Could You Stand a Laugh?

Glad I can't hear the comments - but you're welcome to type one, ha, ha. I bought this book today - I mean for someone who can't figure out links properly I suppose should be buying a "See Spot Run" type book. Anyway, I want to learn more and I understood her cover page "so what could be so hard"?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oatman, Arizona

The baby donkeys in Oatman are not allowed to be fed carrots - I think their digestive system can't handle them. Everyone felt so badly to be feeding the mature donkeys and have the babies follow along.

They are gentle animals as far as we could see but one adult plucked a notebook from my Man's pocket and I guess it took him and another to "retrieve" it. Must have smelled like carrots.

This is a favorite pic and S&R made it into an 8" x 10". Sits in our kitchen as a wonderful memory.

Too Sweet

My friend, Carole, from Reno, sent this - had to share it. (I know they think they are "people"!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happily Twitterpated ~

So either there has been a mistake or I'm very happy with my gas bill. Last month we were billed $144.39, the actual gas cost being $94.49 - the rest misc. charges.
This month our bill is $75.01, the actual gas cost being $40.61

Have to say I did try to lower it by running the dishwasher only once per day. We always set our thermostat on 17 degrees at night and that remained the same. Anyway, happy, happy, happy. Did anyone else notice a huge decrease in their bill?
**Update: Forgot to say, I put a big Sears catalogue over the vents in the laundry room and back entry. I think that was the biggest reason for the "less usage". I don't even notice (temp wise) they are covered - I guess because the kitchen is right there provoding a bit of heat and 2 fridges.

Life is Good

So I was just thinking about our day -to -day life and it's good. We basically do what we want, when we want. No doubt I miss my pay cheque but as one son put it, you choose between the money and enjoying time with Dad. Well put!

Today was a typical stormy March day - we drove to the lake and walked for 10 minutes. Then slowly meandered home thru orchards and back roads.

I put tea on and we lay on the bed in a guest room enjoying some wonderful sunshine for an hour. Then supper and caught the last of the rays.

Hope you had a good day, too!

Waiting for Tech

Monday, March 19, 2007

One of our favorite places on Earth - Peggy's Cove, N.S.
I have so many beautiful pics of the area and will post a few. The little "porch" is the entry to the wee post office. We have been there when the sea was like glass and also, in the tailwinds of hurricane Hugo. After Hugo, the whole site was fogged in and slowly, as the fog lifted, on the horizon were many fishing boats which had ridden it out. That really touched us. Taken 09/04 A sunny, mellow day.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Remembering - - -

Thinking about all the families torn apart by war. For those of you who lost someone, I'd like you to know I think of you everyday.

Mediterranean Chicken

Mediterranean Chicken
14 oz. chicken broth
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 cup fresh parsley
1/4 c ripe olives
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp turmeric
14 oz stewed tomatoes
1 1/4c long grain rice- uncooked
6 chicken breasts
1/2 tsp garlic powder and black pepper.
Mix broth, parsley, olives, lemon juice, turmeric, tomatoes, rice.
Cover and bake at 375 for 20 min.
Place chicken on the mixture.Sprinkle with garlic powder and paprika.
Bake uncovered 30 min. more.

OK, ala Jean.
I double the broth, rice and spices, use a full can of black olives, 28 oz. stewed tomatoes. Also, always cook my chicken at least an hour in total. Forgot to say I put the garlic powder and pepper in the rice mix.

I'll Have the Other One Now"

So my bro and I are heading out of the city after visiting Mom and Dad - it's about 15 minutes from their house (still in the city) and he says:"I'll have a turkey sandwich" . OK - I reach into the lunch bag and offer him the sandwich.
He munches away and sheepishly says he'll have another one now - perhaps the city limit sign got to him. "That's it" He turned to me with the most incredible look on his face and just couldn't believe Mom actually only made one. "Well, I wouldn't have eaten it so soon if I had known there was only one!"
"Remember in the kitchen, just before we left, she wanted to make more and you said," No, no, only one as the turkey isn't that big." Ha,ha,ha, well, for once Mom listened.

I have to tell folks who don't know us, years ago we packed lunches we should have been embarrassed about. As the metabolism slowed, our lunches lightened but it was a blast while it lasted. In our defence we were travelling dangerous mountain passes so had to have "provisions" - summer or winter:)

Just an Idea - - -

Shirl and I often make a dish and then give each other a serving. It's just nice to have something different and also, sometimes it handy if you just don't feel like cooking.

Did you ever notice how two people can cook the same recipe and it's "different" - in a good way. We do this if we have each other over for dinner- send a plate home for "tomorrow".

Stormy Fall Day

I always loved this pic of the apple bins set by the road. One day I remembered my camera. Actually, the road is very steep. If you turned right at the top, our place is about a mile away.

Alarmed by Foreign Sounds

Since I retired I rarely set the alarm - the other day had an earlier appointment so had to. Was lying in bed awake, forgetting the alarm was ready to go off, when it rang. Buddy the cat, sprang off the bed in one movement right into the hallway. I burst out laughing - if only I could move that fast when I awake. He hasn't forgiven me.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


So chef Son got a new apt. He's very happy about it - nice balcony and view. Good luck to you! We are so happy. Have to get to the City sometime soon- I wonder when? I need a good meal, Bri, just kidding.

It's Cold!

Actually it's 10+ but a stiff wind so I'm chilled. Ran out for ingredients - a fav recipe will be posted soon. I'm awaiting the arrival of my sis for tea, talk and whatever. Wish you ladies could join us! Someday it will happen, I'm really hoping.

Spook - In Memory of Grandma

Just laughing to myself- I'm wandering around the house downstairs via night lights! Our house is a rancher with walkout basement so the "one half" is windowless. That is where our furnace room, water treatment filter thing and my very favorite "sitting room" is. It's actually a combo sitting/storage. (Another post with pic - too dark to find my camera~)

Anyway, I have night lights in every area - when I go to bed they cast a soft glow and make me feel not alone. I jumped up from the computer (bright sunlight) and cruised around like a spook - with the night lights to guide me. Put the lights on in my "sitting" room so could grab the recipes I wanted and then "spooked" back to my computer.

I used to visit overnight with my Grandma when I was about 7 years of age she'd get up in the night and wander around with her flashlight - didn't have night lights then. And I thought she was so weird - well, she was not! Ha,ha,ha.

Leftovers or Planned Overs?

We have to think of a new name for leftovers - sounds rather "not good". I'm so lucky we both love leftovers. Some dishes such as stews, really improve with a day's sitting. Last night I made 6 breasts and we eat one each at a meal. Tonight will be the rice/chicken thing and I'll freeze one meal after dinner tonight.

If you need a great pizza really quick!!! Finely chop cooked chicken and mix it with your fav. BBQ sauce. Add a few mushrooms and other vegs you like. I buy Safeway's 4 cheese crust for this. It beats any store bought frozen chicken pizza.

"Happy St. Patrick's Day"

Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of those loyal readers who are of Irish heritage! I think I found a lucky clover as a child - a long, long time ago! Following is an Irish blessing:

A sunbeam to warm you
A moonbeam to charm you
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dinner Tonight!

Salsa Chicken
If you need an easy, very fast dish, this is it. I found this recipe years ago and we love it.

9 x 13" glass pan 350 oven
6 chicken breasts
Spread a generous layer of salsa in the bottom of the pan. Lay breasts in and top them with salsa. Bake.
***My method: I chop onion finely. I lay the salsa in the dish and "dip" the breasts in a saucer of salsa - so well coated. Lay breasts in pan. then top with onion and cover with foil for an hour. Remove foil and turn breasts over and reduce heat to 300 and cook about 15 min. Delicious. I always serve steamed yams or sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. Tomorrow will make long grain rice and after it's cooked, stir it around in the salsa and heat with the chicken. Delicious!Recipes call for 30 min for chicken- I always go 60- 75 and it's moist.
Hope you try and enjoy this very easy recipe. Served a salad and hot pickles. Cheers.
PS I know I should serve broccoli or green something but too lazy to go get it.
Update: I cook my rice in the microwave. 8 min high and 18min. medium.Perfect everytime.

Thinking of You, Len

So our brother-in-law had successful hip replacement surgery on Thursday morn - he is doing very well per the grapevine aka Auntie-Maime. Happy for you, Len, we were with you in spirit all day and evening. It should be a wonderful spring season for you to enjoy this year.

Update: Len is Superman! Home and doing well. Good for you.

Windex and Posting, ha!

I came down to get my bottle of Windex and the computer grabbed the arm of my sweater - can't get away! Better get away as the dust on glass is slowly accumulating as I type.
When I did my big "cleaning closet" organization, think I tossed a spray bottle I should have kept. I need duplicates up and down or else the computer grabs me.

BTW, I find liquid dish soap is one of the best glass cleaners. So why am I searching for my Windex? Women think in mysterious ways:)

Planning Again

Kind of excited to start my garden plan for this year. Is never written in stone and changed as I plant. This pic is the row of Marigolds I like to start with - they are just colorful. My potatoes are already "growing" in my dry heap in the "back 40". I have more success throwing generous peelings in the pile and letting them sprout. When they are about 2" high, I move them to the potato patch. The very best spuds in town, ha! Have great success with squashes of all kinds - we love Spaghetti and Hubbard. Anyway, I'm going to type up a list of companion plants I have in case it's of use to any of you folks.

Poetry in Motion

So I've decided to start writing poetry again- no fear, probably won't post it. But an idea I have is to post some short ones I like or partial poems from books- is that Ok if I acknowledge the author? Seems to me they should be pleased to have their work "out there".

Used to write a bit. Kept a note pad handy for if "it came to me" it just spilled out rapidly and I'd have to write it quickly. Never was a type to dream about a subject and write and plan.

A Bouquet for all the Good People in Our Lives

Was just sitting here thinking about all the good people in our lives. We have family who always supports us - and we lean a bit heavily on them physically and mentally. Then all the friends and neighbors. It's not about building me a fence or something like that- it's about "being there" in a way we know.
We had a Co2 scare a year ago from an improperly installed device. At 8pm our detector went off and I grabbed my man and the cat. It was very cold and we were standing on the front step kind of shocky. Our neighbor just happened to be taking her dogs for a walk. Her husband (volunteer FF) was away but she called a FF she knew was on call just a few doors away. He took care of things in such a kind manner. Arrived without lights on - I had asked that, so no one would be upset - he said really is to use lights but under the circumstances would write it up - no lights! It's stuff like this I really appreciate.
Also, our ISP- they provide cable, phone and digital TV. Once they knew our situation, the lead tech gave me his cell # and said phone him day or night- I'd try never to call at night but it was so "over the top service".
Then all the friends I've met on my blog - great people.
Enough - you all probably have similar stories. I really believe 99% of people are wonderful and caring because I see it daily.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

To Move or Not to Move- A Big Question

Maybe I should follow my instinct! I spend hours thinking about moving - where, to what city, to what kid of accommodation, what size place?????????????????????????????
Anyway, started a binder dedicated to my thoughts and plans. United and I'm sure any other companies, have great prep plans.
But they can't help me make the decision - they can only make the move for me.
I truly welcome any thoughts on the issue - sometimes one can't see the forest for the trees.

The Mystery of Computers and I

Well I wanted to write about the different water levels but the computer said I'd been too gabby today and it wouldn't let me type anything. So, I fixed it, new post!
Anyway, the pic shows how high and therefore very close to our camper the waters were one time and the next, so very low. I will try to post a pic from the camper window- it was staring to storm and I wondered if we'd be floating by morn.(Success) R said the waters were about 12' from the camper when level high. Yikes.