Saturday, August 23, 2014

Too Busy Living Life - - -

 Lately there have been sad stories of children and pets being left to die in hot vehicles.

In most cases, it appears to be a terrible tragedy - the result of "busyness" and distraction. There is a case of one father alledgedly leaving his child but that is the exception.

I think I may have a solution!!!

What if every person in charge of the child or infant, set his phone alarm for 5 minutes past his drop time? Also, could co-workers develop a buddy system of checking with one another if indeed the child had been dropped off - and not left in a vehicle. If a spouse is in the picture, maybe a text confirmation??

Have you paid attention when the lead flight attendant calls out for crew to "arm doors and cross check"?

This requires each attendant to arm his/her door and then walk across the plane to "cross check" that the door has been secured by the other crew.

Seems such  a simple solution to save lives. Please pass these ideas along to friends and family. Maybe, just maybe, we can save the children - and the pets.

Note: I have a story to tell not quite leaving a child but forgetting my friend! When she broke her leg, I picked her up and drove her to physio, went home for an hour and then picked her up again.

One day the phone rang and she asked if I were on my way to get her. "Didn't I already pick you up??!!"
I seriously thought I had.

She was safe, had a cell and could call for help - unlike the children.

So I understand how the busyness of life can get in the way. It's so tragic when these deaths are the result of a total accidental situation.

Friday, January 17, 2014

There now, freaked him out - - -

 I don't know about you, but flashing lights at concerts really bother me.

The regular sunglasses I use didn't block the really bright lights.

Off to the store to buy lime green crafter paint. Applied on both sides of the lens really helped.

Lime green you ask, well no one sees me slip them on once the fun begins so why not?

The other night, a friendly gentleman sitting next to me, commented on something. I turned to answer forgetting my slime green lenses. He's probably still running screaming.

As I type this, why not get my Hallowe'en kit out and add a black tooth for next time?

Monday, January 13, 2014


So this morn settled in the den, feet up, computer on and ready to do my thing.I filled the pot with water, grabbed a pod, whirled around and got a mug.

With much ado, I gathered my stuff and reached to take a sip - empty mug.

I love mornings:)