Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Depressed

We've worked in the garden for 4 hours. I dug 2 beds and weeded two walkways of weeds and grass. There are 8 beds in total and the boards are all rotted and need replacing. The tomato bed is 2' x 27' and all it's boards are rotten, too.

Oh, and cut the back lawn.

The garden still needs to be planted and the pool bed also. I'm in a Catch 22 - can't stay and can't go. Any words of wisdom out there?

Last Minute Foolishness!

Ran in to town and picked our IT up from the CA. Walked over to the IT offices- people were lined up out the doors! We just dropped ours in the box and got out of there but what a mess. Anyway, it's just lovely here today. I am heating up some MB's so my Hon has lots of energy to help in the garden. Devious, eh?

Another Beauty

It's another great day out there! Sun, beautiful sun. A very busy day, though. Have to run to town and pick up our taxes, pay our cable bill because I forgot to set up automatic payment (!), call our med/dental plan, start turning the garden over, buy chicken wire to prevent cats from "using" my garden, iron more uniforms to take to the consignment Tuesday. And blog!

Have a lovely day, Ladies. Be sure to take some time for yourself today.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rice - A - Roni Meatballs

Mix 1 lb. burger with the vermicelli/rice mixture and one egg. Form meatballs. Cover cookie sheet with foil, spray with pam and bake at 325 for about 30 min. Shake them to keep them round.

While they are cooking, mix 4 cups water, 1 pkg onion soup mix and the seasoning pkg from the RAR. Let it sit for a bit and be sure it is well dissolved.

Place the MB in a roaster so they are in a single layer. Pour your water mix over and put lid on roaster - ck often and add a tad of water if nec.

I bake them at least an hour on about 300. Then drain the wonderful gravy and thicken it. We serve the gravy over mashed potatoes with the MB and also, I make a pasta dish: Cook rotini and drain. add sauteed mushrooms. onions and lots of mozzarella cheese. Mix well - add pasta sauce of your choice. Mix. Top each serving with # MB you want and parm. Alll of this freezes well incld. the mash pot. if they are covered with gravy!!!!Enjoy!The pic is from several months ago with spaghetti.

***Now I'd like a fav. recipe from you ladies.

Healthy Foods

Thought you Ladies may be interested in this article.

A Beautiful Day and Evening!

We just have enjoyed today so much! It's sunny and nice although the morn was overcast. Made my infamous(!) Rice - A - Roni meatballs for dinner, pasta and a salad. Hope everyone had a great day, too.

Hockey Alert!!!

The game is on at 5pm in case any else is interested! Just talking with Computer son and he casually mentioned it! Mercy, Child, I need this info ASAP! I would have tuned in at 7pm - as usual. I would have missed 2 hours of nail biting plays. Plus, I like to tell them when and where to shoot the puck! They need me - anyway, for your information - - -

Glad to Help!

So it pays to organize the entry closet (every year!!). I was sorting thru stuff to wash and put away til next fall. I came upon a jacket I didn't recognize and knew it was not ours - but who? I searched thru the pockets hoping for a hint or a wad of cash (just kidding). The first pocket offered up some very nice sunglasses. The next, pay dirt!

I made a quick call to bro - "Uh, would you like your VW keys back?" They had been "lost" or safely tucked away in our closet since last summer. And the weird thing is N&D were here for Christmas and no one noticed the jacket then either!

Looking for April!

Wonder where April went - the months just fly by. I thought maybe being retired, time would drag. Seems just as busy as when working- I know, everyone says that. Anyway, here's to May!

April showers bring May flowers- uh, we didn't have much for showers in April. Maybe May will be wet.

Friday, April 27, 2007

So we went to visit S&R this afternoon. Nice to see her on her throne- no, not that one, her lovely chair in the living room, ha,ha.

After softening us up with coffee, R sprung a piece of cheese cake on us. Coffee flavored, too.

It's just a gorgeous sunny evening - about 18 degrees in town. What more could we ask for?

So it didn't get better- - -

Checking out my trusty fridge for "quick and easy" offerings for tonight - A hockey team is playing and I want to watch. Refuse to say their name but it's the "You know Who's" against Anaheim.

We're in luck! Leftover roast beef, gravy, cheese slices - I smell one yummy grilled sandwich for supper.

We're out of luck! I picked up the gravy container and I hadn't put the lid on well and you can guess the rest of the story. All over my feet & shoes, thru the fridge grate and of course, splattered all over fridge, floor, cabinet. I had to see the humor of it all as Buddy, the cat, came sauntering in to check out the commotion. Christmas!The old bat finally game me something yummy - to lick from the wall!

It Will Get Better - I Promise

So this is embarrassing - I lay all my silver pieces out to polish, got the Hagerty and it was hardened and dried out. Would that have anything to do with my not using it for a few days or years?

Really should be too embarrassed to post this but I'm not. Never did claim to be Suzy Homemaker. Anyway, off to Google "how to soften cream polish."

Very funny, Google. they told me to use it more often - who'd a thunk?

For Your Enjoyment

I love this picture.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Word Games - Verbosely

So, we will get back on schedule with one word per week offered up on Thursdays, as before.

Verbose: using too many unneeded words to be clear.

Well, I am insulted, Randon House, but I suppose honored - I didn't realize your editors read my blog!

Anyway, I checked with said dictionary and verbosely is a word!

Synonym: talkative or wordy, really!!
Example: Welcome to our world, really!!

Sideboard from Mark's Perspective

Worms Galore

So I just came in from rooting around in my garden. I put a 4" layer of pinecones and dry cedar clean out over one bed. There were only about 4 weeds and 4 green onions! but, the worms. Yum.

Anyway, I think I'll turn the garden over this weekend and plant it next week. Today was only 5 degrees out here so a might chilly for toms but I'll seed stuff. I usually put the cages over the toms and cover with recycling bags so they have a mini greenhouse each til evening temps are Ok. I ran out of breath - that was a terribly long sentence. Did you fall asleep?

Watered my babies in the pool bed they are all happy. Even the picky peonies. Weeded it again on the far end. Compost bin #1 is full but I tossed some worms in and a drink of water so it will cook.

I promise to quit writing about gardening soon (for sure by Sept.) but it's just so darn exciting ~ ~ ~

Out of the Deep

Well, time sure flies when you're having fun. I have been in my pantry downstairs. Tossing all kinds of things. I have quite a few flower vases and only kept the unique ones. How does it collect? Does 42 years of marriage have anything to do with it?

I brought some stuff up to cook for tonight with the chops - I seriously could keep us for 6 months living on veg and beans, rice etc. Am such a worry wort - I have to have lots of everything. My Hon used to tease me that if Safeway shorted on toilet tissue they could always call me for some!

Ol' sassy pants there.

Hope you Ladies are having a good day - we are getting showers - should have put the seeds in the perennial bed last night. I so envy you, Petra, having your garden in!

What Will It Be?

Deciding on a recipe for dinner tonight and I think it will be pork chops! Yum, with applesauce. I subscribe to Kraft recipes email and they just out-do themselves every time!

A Few Good Men - and You were One of Them!

Remembering Dad today - he would have been celebrating his 86th birthday. It was always a big deal to him even though he would tell us to not even get him a card! Oh, yeah, right, Dad. You loved all the fuss and gifts - but the biggest gift?? His steak BBQ!!

We will be thinking of you today and grateful we had so many birthdays to celebrate - but we always wanted more.

With love from the three of us.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A New Word (#2)


I need something to take my mind off the game - if they are losing.
If they are winning, I will concentrate on the game. "You are a very loyal fan, Ma'am"

Bats in Your Belfry and Slugs in Your Hostas

I don't know a remedy for the bats but I concocted one for the slugs! Actually around any plant you want to protect, ring it with pine cones. The slugs will be destroyed crawling over them.I can't kill them but I can let them do it themselves!

Here We go Again

At 7 pm our beloved Canucks are taking on Anaheim. Uh, if you don't "have" a team and want to help me out, you could cheer for the Nucks. They drive us crazy with their play and then they will (sometimes) win the game.

My Mom used to cheer for them and this was pre '98 - they couldn't win a game and she always said, "Just wait, someday they will be a good team" You were right Mom and I wish you were here for so many things but also to cheer on the Nucks after having so much faith in them long ago.

So, you Canuck guys - win one for Mom, OK?

Had lots of time to work on hydrangeas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word Games! (Early this week!)"Kindness"

So after much thought and deliberation, I chose "kindness"to be the word for this week. Thank goodness all my friends are kind- well, if they weren't, they wouldn't be friends, would they?
Anyway, I have a post brewing in my heart about friends and kindness and how people treat others. But it will have to wait til I'm organized in my thoughts - I know, could take a while!

Elaine just blew thru the word last week and I have to find one she missed!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Betty Ann!

Just learned that Betty Ann's BD was on April 18th. Her family really, really spoiled her and she deserves it.
We met Ross and Betty Ann on a bus tour last Oct. They live about 1.5 hours from us.


Just put coffee on and watched the birdhouse slightly swaying. I think maybe she's putting coffee on too.
Brings back memories of Jasper or our lake campsite - I'd be lying awake watching the sun rise and the mist roll on the lake - slowly people and things would begin to stir. Kids would emerge fro m their Rv's or tents full of energy, tousle headed little ones.

Then doors would open and Mama's would be bustling around while Dad's set up the stoves or BBQ's . Some would sit for a cigarette- and most would have coffee in hand - the path to the shower facilities well worn over time.

Surprisingly, It was never noisy - just murmurings and quiet talk.

I think I should have written"some would sit with a cigarette" - "Did I hear proof read? What's that? Thank goodness my blogging buddies just ignore my boo-boos!

In Jasper, the men usually sat on the decks in the crisp air, feet on rails and greeted the day.

"Our" robin is just singing his heart out. It touches my heart to hear a little bird sing day after day. So sweet. He only asks for the morn and a few worms! these pics were taken just after I wrote the post.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annabelle Hydrangeas

Petra mentioned AH in her comment - they are so beautiful! We planted 8 in the pool bed the first yr. and they winter killed the 2nd yr - lost them all. Due to $ I didn't replace them and should have ck'd their hardiness here.

The yard April 24/07

Our cherry trees are in bloom as of yesterday. these little tulips survived my purging of the pool bed. They are stunted but in bud.Forgot to take one of my day lilies in wood stove ash! I thought they had died so dumped pails of ash there to work in the garden. they must like it as are thriving. Poor things.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Do you remember that rhyme "sitting in the garden eating worms, yum, yum?" Anyway, I spent half an hour shaking the daylights (and worms) out of my sod from the pool bed. It's just amazing how some plants survived being buried under 12" of heavy soil/sod.

Anyway, most of the bad stuff died and in a few days I should be able to get planting. I will take pics. Would have worked longer but the Canucks were playing at 6pm so had to go in. I'm going to phone and see if they will schedule their games just a bit later - not everyone has gardeners, you know! Oh, man, I wish I had that many! Worms, not gardeners.

For My Love

Every grain of sand a boulder

Every step a mile

Many thoughts are broken but

My joy is still your smile!

A Salute to Working Moms

Wouldn't it be nice if all wives and mothers could stay home and not have to work outside the home? (That is if they choose to) I know so many Moms who give it their all at work and come home and give to their families. They do a tremendous job and I salute them.

I worked after the kids were in school and did it sporadically by choice. My Hon had a business which allowed him to be home after school. etc. and make the meal at night. Then once Chef was old enough, I paid him to plan, cook and clean up - I worked 7:15am to about 5:30pm so grateful for the help. He was about 14 then so I knew it was worth it to have a nice meal on the table at night.

Many ladies I know would choose to be suzy homemaker and have everything perfect but often Life does not allow that. Please know that I admire you all!

She's Just So Cool!!!

I had a pair old navy sweats which were so comfortable but so cheap in quality. They would shrink terribly after every wash/dry but they were for housework so I didn't care. Picked Dad up one day & decided to swing by A&W - he loved it and it was lunch hour!
So the drive thru is very busy and I parked and told Dad it would be quicker for me to run in. In my thread bare sweats which were well over my ankles and my runners with no socks "cause I'm just picking Dad up & going to our house." I smiled at group of high school girls and said hi. They stiffled a giggle and then it hit like a ton of bricks. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm in those sweats, no soxs. Could I die right there please? Turned around to look at Dad- as if he could help- and he was laughing so hard!

7th Game Canucks Won

Excuse me, I have to run out for Kleenex - our team is the pits tonight.

I apologize! Canucks won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Hints Out There?(Not this yellow!)

I want to paint our laundry room a soft yellow. Years ago (1967) we built our first home and the houses had lots of color- soft color. The kitchen was a very soft yellow, the bath a green, master blue(!) and nursery lilac(!!). I think the living rm was cream. The guest room was apricot. Before you barf, these were all just tinted colors - and we were "cool", ha,ha!

Think it is partially why I want to pt it yellow, a nice memory of our house.

I have never painted in my life! Most women have. Any hints?

The Hair Blues

So I have hair with "issues", ha,ha. On a trip with S&R in o5, I used the hotel shampoo. Got out of the shower and couldn't get a comb thru my hair! This is 11pm and I have to be presentable for a bus load of fellow passengers the next day. And my hair was about 4" long so couldn't pull it in a knot or bun or whatever. I had no cap to hide it and had to appear like a rat's nest til I could go find some shampoo at a store. BTW, the hotel shampoo was a lovely brand name. So now I carry all my goodies with me! The only stuff that works is Pantene or John Frieda.

For Helena

A row of Forsythia near our home.

So MiHwa sent this gift of bride/groom dolls to us last October. M&M weren't married yet, but I think she was "training" him for it! He travels very light and these weren't in the luggage plan, ha,ha. Thanks to both of you xx oo

Taking Care of the Little Things

I just finished ironing my Hon's T- shirts and shirts. Am very conscientious about the care of my Man as critical eyes are everywhere in this regard. Naturally it is only a very few who cast their eyes as such but I never want anyone to be able to say his shirt wasn't pressed, his jeans not clean, etc. "He's not being cared for well". This goes for his physical person, also. One day a person very cruelly commented to him (!) on his eyebrows - they had grown too long to suit that person. I was so stunned I apologized to said person!!! Until then, I had never noticed them at all. Now I make sure they are trimmed - hopefully to the satisfaction of the eyebrow detective. Come on in and visit for a week - walk a mile in our shoes.

My DEEPEST thanks to all of you who do know and care. My thanks to those of you who thank me for taking good care of my/your Man. To do otherwise will never happen. Because I love him.

Tranformation - New Bride into Devil

So we offered our home for a couple who were wedding quietly and away from the crowds. My sis generously offered to take their wedding pics. She stood in the kitchen and aimed thru the pass - thru to get shots during the ceremony. We "tried" to prepare the house but forgot to remove 3 horns in our living room. (They took their vows in our dining room.)
Shirl couldn't have set the pic up better if she tried. (That was random, right, Shirl, ha,ha.)In one shot the bride wore a set of horns! Too funny for words. When her new husband saw the pic, his response was, "I said I do and she turned into a devil". I'm sure she turned back into a lovely young thing, though.
I may have tossed the pics but if I find it will post it.
One interesting thing is the justice of the peace wore blue suede shoes. He was "old" - probably my age now! Maybe it was in honor of Elvis, ha.

A New Day

Wow, it's still dark at 5am - soon we'll have sun streaming in our window at 4:30
I pulled a drawer out and washed all the utensils and the plastic liners. Should do something that "shows". Oh, the birds are singing like crazy - it's the robins I hear. They just sing forever- I wonder if they get sore throats!

Have a good day my Friends.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Word games!!! Late again. "Miracles"

Could having a blog and bloggy buddies have anything to do with my forgetting to put up the word every Thursday? Naw.

Ok, here it is! "Miracles"

I have so many miracles that have happened in our lives and I'm sure you folks, too. Auntie Maime's successful, miraculous recovery is definitely one!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Did you Make it to Chef's?

I didn't but asked for a run down of the offerings: BBQ pork tenderloin, BBQ halibut, grilled vegs, homemade pasta, homemade coleslaw, green salad.

So a little bird told me that Petra has been gardening like crazy! What have you planted?

Sweethearts at DQ - - - Again!

We didn't plan to go - it was one of those things - drove into Safeway parking lot to buy stuff for supper and the hockey game. That means quick and easy tonight. It was so busy I parked at the far lot facing DQ - we looked up and kind of both drooled in unison. How about bad DQ instead of those salad ingredients we had planned?
We sprinted in and our booth was free!!! We sat down and reminisced and then ordered. "Two double cheese burgers, small fries and a Pepsi" - uh, yes, a #8 meal. Two, please."
Years ago we would stop after work on Thursday nights which was my Friday. Maybe once per month but we'd get burgers and sit with a coffee after a long day at work. And always sat in "our booth". It was so touching a thing and my Man loved it, too! He remembered the good times there.
Thank You, God, for memories.

So we're following and admiring a lovely convertible Chrysler Sebring with a silver fox at the wheel and a hot (said admiringly) lady at his side. Kind of spell bound enjoying the ambiance when he picked his nose! Very busily picked his nose. We had just had our DQ meal so it wasn't exactly appetizing, ha,ha.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Here are the pics of Dad's bedroom suite. I tried to get the dresser but too difficult - bed in the way. Anyway, maybe I can move the bed and get it. for now - - -

White Cherry Tree

We took this pic about 1/2 hour ago on our trip to the little grocer. It's in full bloom and fades so quickly I didn't dare wait til tomorrow. Hope you enjoy.

Forgot to tell you about the highlight of our big groceries shopping trip. As couples are prone to do, my Hon and I got carried away picking up 4 liter jugs of milk. Ended up with 4 in the cart. So it's been a big, long, busy time in the store and we wheel up to the cashier. She looked young and sweet - good choice. Not that old and sour would be bad - - -She's merrily scanning items til the milk arrived on the belt. Her little brain took a bit to compute and she looked at me asking how many children we have! I got the insinuation and replied "2" with a steely return.
Oh, oh, time to make idle chit chat - she now asks how old they are! "37 and 39". Computer whirls and she couldn't hide her total confusion.

We paid and left her to think about that. Hee, hee, hee.

To Each His Own

So I've been hitting a few "new blog" to hope to hit on a nice, everyday type one - I kind of am disgusted with some of the "writings" which come up and I do understand - it's your choice to look or not. Blogger says to notify them but I haven't - just click out. Also, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is blog content - I guess.

In some ways I feel persons who put this stuff up need the attention or whatever. All I know is that if they ever click on mine, please be careful not to die of boredom.

Just my view from my protected corner of my world.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Canucks Lost

We're not impressed - the Canucks lost - and they could have put it away tonight. Yuck, now they have to go to play at the Stars arena for next game.

Oh, What a Night

Had an exhausting evening of worry but awoke to the sun's warmth. Looks like a good day coming up. There is so much to do I don't know where to start. We got our big order yesterday and that is a challenge. Dated it all and set the stuff at the stairs to go to the pantry - it's still there! After I got word about my friend, I just kind of stopped to focus on that.

Thank goodness for leftovers - we heated up the ravioli casserole and it's now history. Something I do want to mention is how grateful I am for email and blogs - but especially email. It's so wonderful to get instant info.

What do you ladies do when there is so much - how do you decide where to start?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Request

We are just sitting here sick at heart because our friend is ill. We feel helpless and wish we could rush there and wrap our arms around and "make it better". I told my Man - He sends his love. Our request is that everyone and anyone, please say a prayer tonight. And my dear Friend, please know you are wrapped in arms that love you. Will phone you tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooooooo

Love Letters in the Sand - Advocate, NS

Wrote my Man's initials in the sand - I guess they have been swept to sea.

Sunset at Advocate, NS Sept. 04

For Shirley

Sis always loved this pic of us - we are at our favorite cabin in Jasper, it's Sept.04 and first thing we always do is put the fire on. This particular cabin is small with a bed right where you see the lamp but we love it. Claimed it as our own after the first time we rented it. Man, do I ever wear my clothes forever- those are the killer PJ's I'm wearing there and they are still good! I planned that particular trip as a "one last time" as wasn't sure if we'd ever get back. Glad I did. Actually, this pic came about as just got the digital camera and thought I better practice. The shot has become a fav. She wants me to make it for Christmas cards.

Suzy Homemaker

So what is your favorite kitchen gadget - what couldn't you live without if you could only choose 2?
This little number cores tomatoes - never have noticed one in stores. A smart one I saw was nylon spatulas with detachable handles for thorough cleaning.
My two favorite items would be tongs and rubber spatula.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where Does it Go?

So I started off to get ready for bed at 11pm and now I'm on the computer. But where did 50 minutes go? It's no wonder I never get to bed at my planned time. Brushed, flossed, pilled, chatted with my Hon, cut the cat's nails!, added to my grocery list, computed! It's crazy.

Hope you are all tucked in and dreaming sweet ones. We have a busy day planned for tomorrow - we haven't bought a large grocery order in a long time. I like to get it when Super Store has the $30 off with a $250 order- I usually have $20-30 in points so I end up paying about $200. Sweet.

Walked 20 minutes today - no wind so that was a blessing. The track pic is one facing South. The lake pic is North.
No idea why Buddy, the cat, likes his little cage so much. He is a former SPCA cat and after spending 7 months in a cage, you'd think he'd run the opposite direction.

We leave it propped open so he can come and go. For the past years, we have gone to a lake and parked the camper. He was free to roam around the camper but would often sit in his cage. My Man has a theory that he feels secure in it - no one can step on him, etc.

For camping, we bought a dog cage so he had lots of room- we'd take him outside and let him enjoy the fresh air. Busy boy watching ducks and sea gulls just feet away from him.

One day a fellow was sitting a couple sites over and said, "When I come back, I want to be your cat". Struck me funny.

A Highway Sign - Too Cute

"Putting on weight is the penalty to exceeding the feed limit"

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech - In Memory


Still haven't started on the laundry room - thank goodness I'm a procrastinator. Was all set to start and thought I'd ck my daytimer and in big red letters: House Ins Due!!!!!!!!!! (I know, I know, I will start using my Google calendar, Mark, ha,ha.)

Anyway rush down (before the house burns) and it took an hour as she did a thorough update. Also, got me a better rate thru another company but still hitting over $600. "thank you, Ma'am - have a good day"

No, You Can't Play With Me Today ~

It's still rather dangerous in there- I just tossed a grenade in the laundry room! Actually, it's not that bad but decided to do the spring cleaning thing - it takes me a full day to wash everything -this includes the back entry.

I will take a pic after I'm done - getting a late start and again, it's not my fault - computer love affair! Oh, well, it's just such a wonderful thing and I've met so many wonderful people - they come way before laundry room cleaning!

Have a great day, my friends, and I'm sure we'll chat before the day is done, no really, ha,ha!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holy Smoke!

"We" forgot the "Word of the Day" on Thursday. So I guess it's only fitting that the new word is: forgetfulness

Have fun, Kids.

S&R - you guys were just 2 weeks too early to enjoy this!!

A Puff of Beauty

Bro just sent these pics of an old white cherry tree a block from his house - transplant?
Thanks again - hope everyone enjoys. BTW, is your clematis in bloom yet?

We have a great sunny day going here. BBQ happening with S&R later today. of, course, steak:)