Monday, November 1, 2010

My Pneumonia Story

So, Sunday October 17th I woke up with a sore throat. thought a cold is coming on so bought sore throat lozenges and cold caps. After 5 days, condition doesn't improve and the caps seem to not be working. Feel ill and it's a very different ill.

Saturday I decide to go to a walk-in medical clinic as I'm coughing rather badly.Doc is kind and says you may have a touch of pneumonia, go to hospital for X-rays and blood tests - see us tomorrow.

Returning Sunday, new Doc says he sees an area on lower left lung and prescribes codeine cough syrup and an antibiotic. After several more days I felt calmly ill and wondered if this is what it's like to die peacefully - I'm not exaggerating.

Six more days and I feel much better. Pills worked! Go out to see friends and got so ill, could barely breathe, thought I'd die, seriously. Rushed to our local hospital emergency. What a bunch of angels, the RN's and the physician.

"Have you ever had a breathing tube inserted,Jean?" I freaked inside for Wayne's sake - my biggest fear has been to get really ill or die before he does.

After 2 hours, magically helped by staff, I am ready to go home. Very afraid but the Doc said get right back here if there's any hint of trouble. Appreciated that.

The KICKER was that the 2nd walk-in Doc prescribed one antibiotic per day and it should have been two according the the emerg Doc. I also visited my own Doc and he had a locum on who gave me another Rx for 1 pill a day. So, I guess over the 6 days, the bacteria got hold and wouldn't let go!

Tonight I'm still coughing but it's manageable and I'm no longer afraid for my life.