Friday, August 27, 2010

So I got tired of braiding them, then pinning to the top of my head.
"Hello, Ms. Eyebrow Waxer? It's the braider, any time available for me?"

"You're booked til end of August. Ok, I'll perm them."

Anyway, it's been terrible trying to find a new esthetician, one who washes her hands - little things like that.

Sometimes I wonder about myself. Booked into a new place to have my brows waxed. It was a lovely new shop but as I closed my eyes dreaming about not having to braid my eyebrows for a while, she proceeds to apply the wax. No hand washing. No sink for Heaven's sake - saw that as I rolled of her table.

I paid her, tipped her (for being unsanitary) and will not go back. Help me understand why I'm such a wimp.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The big 65 - - -

So, family and friends surprised me with a 65th birthday party August 13th! Our younger son, Brian, phoned me from my sister's driveway in town (he lives 4 hours away)and said he's running late for work so, "A quick HB,Mom." I was in the pool so missed his call and phoned back apologizing. Little did I know all my kids were 10 minutes away, ready for a big surprise.

Mark and MiHwa and Brian drove up, booking time off work as did my brother and his partner. Dan's still working so had to book off. My sister and BIL helped as did long time friends.

I walked out to the patio expecting only my sis and BIL. Words can't explain the surprise. Your mind kind of blanks. Thanks everyone. xx 00

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And happiness is - - -

Happiness is receiving good news from the provincial cancer agency saying things appear to be all clear from recent mammogram!

If you haven't gone for yours yet, go, go go!