Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Sick - - -

I must be a si*ko. This cartoon cracked me up, not for it's subject but by bringing back memories of our sons. They are taller than I, of course. If they ever used my car, they'd jump in, whack their knee on the steering wheel and "mention" how close I had the seat pulled forward. "Well, duh. I have to reach the gas pedal, Dear." If I had been a bit swifter, I'd have watched out the window to see the show of pain.

Anyway, this cartoon gave me a laugh - probably this happened to me, also.

Physio Melting or Mellowing - - -

Just completed 7th visit with my physio. He presented as quite cool and rather clinically detached the first 4 visits - but I liked him for his skill and knowledge. (Usually, I drift toward warm people.)

Each week he became more personable, maybe more comfortable with me - and I warmed to him.

He knows my man has AD as our first visit was a bit of a turmoil for my Man. Anyway, each subsequent visit, the physio asked me about "me" - how was I coping, what is happening, you have to care for yourself, make time for your exercises, no excuses.

Today, he went over the same basic conversation and I looked up at him and said, "Are you OK?" There was a sadness in his eyes today.

No, isn't. Turmoil in his life, also, of a different nature but still, it's there. I tried to comfort him.

We never know the burden another is carrying.

Happiness and Not

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great Neighbors

This morn I dragged myself to the road, towing garbage can on wheels and recycling bags loaded on top. Wish my garbage can had a motor, then I could ride it out. Being I hadn't showered yet, I pulled my hoody up like bank robbers and cool teens.

His truck was smack in the middle of our drive, he's on his cell, I'm off in lala land, deep in thought.

"Hope my truck's not in the way??" To be honest, I really hadn't noticed. They are so sweet, it's an unspoken rule, do whatever and if I have to "get out" I'll let you know. He has mowed my lawn, leveled my side drive, used drive to store soil, etc. It is always left better shape than before.

And-----we're invited for dinner tomorrow. People like this are so special. And, she brought home made pear mincemeat over today. Yum!

Bless you both and thanks for keeping an eye on us, too.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Years ago, Bro took Mom and Dad for a seafood dinner - Dad enjoyed his escargot until someone in the group told him what he was eating. This cartoon is perfect.

I think he "had them down" before he learned, so no "Phhhhht" for him.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Easter Egg

I've mentioned before, we live in a rural area with houses down one side of our road. There's never any action - almost never.

Our local newspaper designated our route "rural" so won't deliver said paper to our step - we need a box at the end of the driveway.

This morn I looked out as far as I could see in either direction, coast was clear. Jumped into my gardening clogs, threw my purple jacket over my yellow jammies and ran like the wind - straight into the arms of 4 charming, well dressed women, "out for a walk, right". Well, they were not in PJ's so that's well dressed in my world.

"Hiiiiiiiiiii," they said as they checked me over. "We've never met you before (so let's prolong this agony a bit for you). Also, maybe others will come along and see you, too. I'm Sandi, this is Fluffy, Mitzi and PJ, oops, sorry, but that is her name."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Humiliated."

I walked toward the door in, praying I'd not trip on a hose or something. Looked down at my yellow Capris, with popcorn design material - doesn't get any more awful than this - I don't even want to read the paper now.

Then I remembered! "I bought these in Vegas. they're White Stag, you know!" They couldn't hear over the chuckles.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Break - fast

They held their cereal bowls, spoons at the ready, bananas partially peeled, ready to be devoured - tummies growling, faces scowling, lab slips ready.

I think the tech enjoyed asking each one when the last "anything" was had - various responses - one being 11pm - kind of chuckled to myself at that - no, wasn't me!

Have to confess I dashed home for my first cuppa asap - tastes good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

After several years, I finally had a facial today. Wonderful. I found it difficult to go somewhere after the great service I'd had years ago. (Our lovely lady moved) It took some yesterday but finally found the friend I was searching for.

Anyway, an hour plus later I look like someone else - and feel like someone else, also.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I put the computer in Sleep mode, sit here debating what I'll do next, tap my fingers in deep thought and up pops the screen. Someday, when computers can talk (and not just beep their displeasure), I will be braced for a scathing conversation.

Hope first born is not reading this - I think I give him fits with my "computer expertise". He is always very calm but I wonder about that throbbing vein on his temple - - -

Anyway, God is teasing us with wonderful sunny weather, He better not be a joker and send a load of snow "just for fun" one of these days.

I've always wanted a creche for on our front lawn - we postponed building it til the builder could no longer build. Does anyone have one?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Laughin'

You may read this post if you promise to not laugh afterward.

This afternoon is sunny and mild - S&R are coming out to help hang our Christmas circle at the front entry. We did it Nov 1st last year and froze our fingers off - so, no laughing when you read this.

I'll post a pic once I light it and get it ready for St. Nick. If I'm lucky, I'll get the back decks rail lights up tomorrow - that's a killer job as I use twist ties to secure them - when it's cold, very difficult. I think there's 80 ft. of lights to secure.

Dennis - Ahead of His Time

Aren't they just like an old married couple? My morning laugh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just watched "the game" - can't say who I cheer for - don't want to upset anyone.

For various reasons, I am not able to put together a post of any quality - usually I'm so gabby I have to rein myself in. Lots going on in our world: hubby and I (ongoing, of course), friends, family.

Have to say one thing, "Do it". Whatever you want to do, whether with friends, spouse, etc. Do it.

Busy week ahead, some good busy and some not so good busy times. Looking forward to visitors again in Nov. (we loooove company). Christmas is kinda just around the corner and we intend to make it the best ever - better start cleaning again.

Anyway, if I have a flash of brilliance, I run with it but so far, nothing. Hope all is well in your world. We're hanging in.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weighin' In - - -

Is everyone a weirdo as I am?

Before I weigh myself, I remove my eyeglasses, hair clip and it goes without saying, my clothes! Then I take a deep breath but let it out before I make the magic leap onto the scale - no use weighing air, is there?

Was thinking about this as I weighed this morn. Obviously wayyyy too much time on my hands:)

What Not To Do - - -

Hurrying as per usual and grabbed a garbage bag - "someone" put it in the container upside down, untied - you can guess the rest of the story!

Now, it may have been partly my fault for not putting the light on but !!!!!!!!!!

I'm dreamin' of turkey dinner so am going to take a frozen one out and sometime about 5pm Sunday, it should smell pretty good in our kitchen.

Oh, and did I mention it's pouring rain today - when am I going to get that final cut of the lawns done!

This is one lame post but considering my state of mind:)

Monday, October 13, 2008

The highways will be busy today as most people head home, stuffed with turkey, ham and pie:)

Our company just left - their drive is over a high mountain pass so hope the roads are good.

We had a ham dinner one night and "turkey and the trimmings" at S&R's last night.

In all the turmoil, one still has to be thankful for a lot - including food on the table.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.

Friday, October 10, 2008


After reading her entry (from Oct 9th), I pulled my last post - spooked!

Home care today so will post later.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

If only humans could get along as well as this!

Happy Friday, Everyone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lost Credibility

When we moved into this house, it was 2 years old and had a sizable "ding" in the gyproc in front of where the car sits. For years he has teased me, suggesting I did that. No, the previous owner's "wife" did it and probably on purpose as the were divorcing!

Fast forward to March and I told R to cut down the string/tennis ball which was to show me how far I could pull into the garage - without dinging something. All has been going along fine til today - I pulled up too close and touched a laundry hamper sitting in front of my car (don't ask, another post). It has a metal back so groaned loudly when struck.

He just looked over and smiled at me - "Honestly, I really didn't put that big ding in the gyproc."

I will never be believed now.

Just a Bunch of Garbage:)

It's always interesting to have "garbage day" roll around - seems our neighbors all roll their containers out about the same time - then it's chat city!

Often, one hand dragging the container and other around a leash with their dog(s). We trade news and views, even the dogs chat, I hear them - no, really, I'm Ok. Buddy watches with envy from his window.

Today is sunny and warm - I sat out for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth. Soon will be gazing at white stuff in our driveway.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Where Would You Start?

Read a story online about a fellow who wanted to be a "chef" but not "start at the bottom".

Dear, friend, to be a chef, you do start at the bottom and remain there til you prove you deserve to move up one wee degree in the hierarchy.

Son finally a chef with his papers - after 7 or 8 long, long years, he has worked his way up to the level just below a sous chef position. It's a long, hard road with crappy hours, like starting at 4am, but if you're good and persevere, you'll crawl up the ladder - slowly.

BTW, congrats, Son, on making it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm Just So Busy - - -

What to do, what to do? I am watching/listening to a lot of baseball, giving advice to the pitchers & back catchers, disagreeing with the umps - basically very busy.

Now, I have a problem looming on the horizon - I believe NHL hockey starts first of the season on Oct., 9th.

Then we're looking at the CFL payoffs - I need more hours in the day. Do I tape a game, do I just watch highlights on the news?

What to do - - -

Do I just forget sports and take up needlepoint?

Out of the Dark Ages - - -

My brother so aptly put it about a similar scenario, ah, well.

Our computer son suggested I use Google calendar, that was maybe 2 years ago - so I'm slow but getting there:)

Anyway, I love it! Well, like it. Google and I have issues. At first, my mind would look at the page and think "that's it" (like a paper daytimer) forgetting one could scroll down to see the important appt. lurking just out of view. Came close a couple times to missing an appt. then I remembered to scroll.

Now, I need to either find my ancient Palm Pilot or buy a new device. Sigh - - -$$$

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Shake my Head in Wonder - - -

So, Steve Fossett's light aircraft has been found in the rugged mountains.

If there can be peace for his family and wife, Peggy, I hope this helps. Read some very cruel and cutting comments suggesting he "disappeared". Hopefully not, but could we let this family deal with the new, raw grief - just for a bit?

My dear man was a pilot and he knew the mountains waited to snatch their next victim - there is no forgiveness - flying a plane into a chunk of granite.

Often times the 4 of us would be ready to fly out on a day trip, he'd check the weather and cancel our trip. My face would be the longest but sure enough, a system was moving in and I soon realized he knew when to go but more importantly, when not to. Thanks for keeping us safe, Sweetheart.

Canucks break tradition, NHL rules, in naming Luongo team captain

Roberto Luongo #1
Position: Goaltender Catches: Left
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 205
Born: 04 Apr '79 (Age 29) Phonetic loo-WAHN-goh
Born in: Montreal, QC, Canada
VAN Season: 2nd NHL Season: 8th
Drafted: NY Islanders' 1st round choice, 4th overall, in 1997
Acquired: From Florida with Lukas Krajicek and a sixth round draft pick in 2006 in exchange for Bryan Allen, Alex Auld, Todd Bertuzzi, June 23, 2006

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boo - Hoo, Don Cherry

And BTW, Don Cherry, you are just an old spoil sport for not being happy for Luongo's captaincy. I approve of it, so there, and I'll bet your side kick does, too if he dares say so on air.

Also, see the happy, smiling faces, see them! I love them and if I could, would give both a big hug - but not you, Don. No hug for you.

I guess you realize Captain Luongo is the smiling fellow on the left and coach Alain Vigneault is the one on the right.

Fergie - Bless Your Heart!

This is the greatest picture I've ever seen of Sarah.

Tonight I read an interview and comment by her and it made so much sense.

"Food can become a reason for celebration. And the reason for everything. But it's not. Food is simply a vehicle to get us from A to B."

Way to go, Fergie, and I apologize for all the rude people who put you down when you most needed the support.