Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Shock:)

Yesterday I booked for highlights and a haircut - well, about 2 hours later I was lighter in color and hair length. Had about 4" off. Guess what, my hair is curly like a perm!

Told my stylist, "I guess that's the easiest perm you ever did!"

Always have had natural waves but this is crazy. Anyway, maybe get someone to take a pic - or I may try.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I was working in Wayne's shop the other day, gathering stuff for recycling, etc. Luckily the shop door was open when I picked up a rather large box with 3 live mice running around in it.

For a millisecond I froze, then grabbed the box and ran out the door, tossing the box rather violently on the lawn. Two mice were ejected and I could still hear one frantically running in the box, caught under the folds of the lid - maybe it was I running frantically. Anyway, the 2 mice wouldn't run. Foolishly I said, "Shoo, shoo." They don't understand English. Anyway, with visions of a mouse running up my sleeve, I ran again with the box and the mouse and tossed it under large evergreens at the back of the yard.

Finally the other 2 were no where to be seen - probably back in the shop!

Anyway, I set traps to no avail so maybe that's it but I'll keep the traps loaded. I'll have to ask my neighbor to dump them as even a dead mouse creeps me out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Modern Miracle

So, I finally bought inserts for my shoes. Within 24 hours, most of the pain was gone. So "what does she do?" - wears other shoes, did not transfer inserts and I'm back at square one! But, they work wonders.

There are inserts for all sorts of problems but I needed help with my heel.Thank you, Dr. Scholl:)

Safe and Sound

Wayne bought a large floor safe in 1974 - it was to keep family documents, not money or jewelry - can't use a safe for that, the burglars would find them:)

Anyway, a few years ago I inquired about the combination, not wanting to use it, just "in case" it got locked accidentally. He rather sheepishly said he had misplaced it - no big deal, we never ever locked it.

After Wayne was admitted, I sorted through his desk and guess what popped up right away! So, I just made a file for it - for myself.

We each had our own office and I didn't have need to check his out. These little things are treasures to me.

Well, I maybe should have used the safe as I hid some jewelry and can't find it. It's not the Crown Jewels but of that much value to me. Last night I stayed up til 1am searching every single cabinet in the kitchen. you'd think it would have been in the Raisin Bran but not such luck!

Wish me luck as I continue - - -