Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Discovered the Reason - - -

Just take a look at this cartoon - I think she hit the nail on the head (phrase spoken as the mature person that I am).

We are all looking forward to fall - could it just possibly be 'cause we can pack our shorts and bathing suits away and hide out under layers of clothes again???

The only thing about it, we have to frantically start getting in shape come spring again.

For some reason, every July/August, I get the urge to exercise and get fit - maybe cause I know Santa's visit is just around the corner - if I knock some off now, bring on the dressing and mashed potatoes!

Friday, August 29, 2008

So I'm Bugged - - -

Wayne has been sick for 5 days and I thought I had escaped - sigh - - -

As long as I only have a bad cold and sore throat, I can deal with it - a 'flu would be another story.

Anyway, my brother mentioned getting some Co*d - FX into me right away.

That stuff works miracles. My throat is still sore but a lot of my congestion and runny nose is a thing of the past after one day!

So, CFX - I love you and highly recommend you - something I never do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You can laugh or cry - - - may as well laugh(From Bro')


When I was younger I hated going to weddings.

It seemed that all of my aunts and the grandmotherly types used to come
up to me, poke me in the ribs and cackle, telling me, 'YOU'RE NEXT'.

They stopped that crap after I started doing the same thing to them at

Scary Anger - - -

Waiting in line for the green, left lane has a green, left turn arrow. My window was up, but thru it, I heard a blood curdling scream. A young fellow in the third car back of the line, was out of control, yelling for the cars ahead to GO! and a few other choice phrases.

I slipped my hand over my car door lock, hoping he didn't see it and didn't jump out of his car to approach the guys in his lane. He was driving a hot little silver sports car and looked so handsome and well groomed.

Wonder what his home life is like - I guess, I mean hers. Keep safe.

Please -

Keep our SIL in your thoughts and prayers today - she is having a mastectomy. Many thanks.

Update: 10:23pm - surgery went well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Potfull of Memories - - -

Bought a small jar of Nivea Creme - travel size. As I opened it last night, a cloud of memories escaped.

Years ago, about 13 years of age, my friend and I would get into her Mom's toiletries. A good sized jar of Nivea creme was always on the dresser - probably about an 8 ounce size. I remember smearing it all over our faces. We would be totally "white" - look at each other and laugh - then wipe it off with tissues. (Hope you are well, Faye.)

It was a nice thought to go to bed on -

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall is in the air - - -

I love it! Now I need a sweater to sit on the step to read my paper in the morning. Bring it on - uh, but no rain or snow, just lovely mellow days.

Everyone was tired of temps in the 30's - days on end.

Now it's time to pick the garden and not long after, prepare it for winter. (No, sad to say, this isn't my garden produce.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got Cramps - - -

So I got a call today re:leg cramps. Seems Madame's physio told her in order to get rid of one: lie on stomach and swing offending leg out from your body - is almost instantaneous relief.

Our poor Mom, if only we had known for her.

Update: Madame also noted to keep your body hydrated to help prevent cramps.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Word verification and bouncing quarters - - -

I love reading blogs and don't mind word verification. Some days it seems I'm all thumbs and it spits a new word at me til I get it right. Kind of laugh as picture a grumpy old man at Blogger doing this.

Anyway, kind of reminded me of a story my Mom used to tell - nursing school back in 1938.

Upon making their beds, mitered corners and all, if a nursing instructor felt it wasn't sharp and tight. she draw a quarter from her uni - that quarter better bounce or it was: strip the bed and make it tight!

To this day, I make my beds with corners as taught by Mom!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Add that to the list - - -

Man, am I ever behind in my work. Pity is, I have the time to do the work but I'm in a funk of denial.

It seems when Life tosses me a curve ball, Life kind of stands still. There are lawns to mow, garden to weed, car to wash and vacuum, bed to change, blah, blah - - -

Yesterday I vacuumed the whole main floor - felt good, so why don't I just get at it. Felt hopeless enough Saturday that I was going to pull all my flower pots on the front step. Yikes!

Maybe I'll pay myself for doing the chores -

Cutting lawns - lunch out

Weed garden - new item of clothing (or 2) - it's a big garden

Clean the car - the Nike wear I've been coveting

Actually, just had an idea I'm sure will work. I'll buy my snazzy new Nike outfit, go for lunch at my favorite steak house. No silly, not for steak, for Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast. This will give me the nourishment and therefore the energy to shop for the new item (or 2).

I'll race back home, peering thru a windshield that is so smudgy I can barely see, leave the car in the drive with good intentions to wash it - as soon as I think of a reward for doing so. Bought the Nike stuff yesterday -

Friday, August 15, 2008

For Jeanne - - -

- - - who loves all things Asian - - -
MiHwa and Mark on their wedding day Feb 04/07

Thursday, August 14, 2008

They Fired the Taxi Driver!

So, for a couple weeks I played taxi driver for Shirl and Robin. What a pair they are! She has her second knee replacement and he does a nose dive in Costco resulting in a pacemaker.

Today I was informed my services were no longer required, sniff, as he is able to drive again. No more evenings on their deck, wined and dined with fabulous food and conversation. No more parking my taxi in their drive - and almost getting a free car vacuum and wash job.

As they say, all good things come to an end:)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm not sure we will ever travel again but I am prepared:) I'm the ultimate "list lady" - there's nothing that ticks me more than to forget something like my sunglasses!

So I made lists on recipe cards, by category. My printer is not working, once it is, I'll enter the lists and print.

I have a "To Buy" list - no surprise for people who know me!

Was just sitting here adding an item or two. Is anyone else into lists?

Monday, August 11, 2008

My friend always was "done up" so beautifully. I would be lucky to smear a dab of lipstick on to go! Anyway, this cartoon is for you, Colleen.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy, busy and crazy, crazy seem to be the words to describe this past week. Anyway, today is a new one and pasta salad is on the schedule.

We lost a dear friend on Tuesday - our usual custom is to take a large casserole, etc. to friends. Today I'll make a pasta salad to drop off later.

Had a vicious thunderstorm over night - then the rains came! I'm wondering how the garden faired as think I saw hail earlier in the evening.

Have missed all my blogger friends but last night I started reading again. Will use Saturday to get straightened around - then back to blogging.

Robin did well with his pacemaker and all is as it should be. Madame is working like crazy on her physio (knee replacement) - a busy pair!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Diet Plan - - -

The plan you ask? Get on the end of a mower:)

Ate a substantial (ahem) breakfast knowing I'd wearing it off grunting, groaning and pushing our mower. I wonder how many extra calories you burn if you grunt and groan a lot - anyone know? If it helps, I should be pencil slim right about now.

It's very warm out - why do I mow in the heat of the day? Oh, cause I was browning 2 large pans of chicken breasts this morn. had to cool them, also. So tomorrow I'll make Curried Chicken and we'll have Teriyaki burgers, yum, yum, yum!

It's a stat holiday in Canada and I imagine folks are heading home. Weatherman cooperated wonderfully for all our tourist guests - the town was hopping and all rooms, camp facilities full.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Laughed Til I Cried - - -

When my bro was about 5 years of age, he had a rubber dart set. Dad lowered his newspaper, peered over it and told bro to never point it at anyone. Moments later, boing - right in the centre of Dad's forehead. When I saw this cartoon, I lost it laughing.

The dart had little round ends so didn't hurt Dad - don't remember the ensuing conversation.

Friday, August 1, 2008

So, a busy day yesterday. My sister's husband fainted/collapsed in Cost*o, nose first. Yes, he's hurting and yes, sutures. Shirl described him as looking like a boxer after a bout.

He is safely resting in our local, wonderful hospital, awaiting a pacemaker today.
Although assured by the staff that all is well, we are all worried.

As soon as she hears of the successful placement, I'll update.

Update: Shirl called hospital - he is safely back from surgery. Wayne and I are leaving to take Shirl to visit. Thanks, Everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. xx