Sunday, March 30, 2008

Somebody Kick Me!

Twice in the past 10 days I have decided to start cooking about 7 or 8pm! The first time it was a roast!

Bought burger and knew I had to cook it last night. I planned to watch "Co*s at 8pm - I had to check blogs first - come on, what's more interesting, eh?

Anyway, at 7:30pm I tore myself away from the bloggy world and frantically ran to the kitchen. Wait, I was in the kitchen - I put my computer on the kitchen table hoping I'd feel guilty about "computering" instead of "meat balling" - ha, didn't work.

Anyway, long story short, I mixed up 2 pounds of burger into giant Rice - a Roni mb's in 15 minutes - but it's now 7:59pm and they have to cook and brown and then simmer in a sauce.

The Cop* had nothing on me - I was running just about like they were as I darted during commercials to check MB's, next time to mix up sauce, drain MB's - it went on and on. Plus, we were watching downstairs so that took time! Thank goodness for long commercial breaks which I usually complain about:)

The TV show was only an hour so I came up and finished off my "project" around 11pm - just peeked in the fridge and does the sauce look good - I will definitely make the gravy earlier in the day today!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Dear Mom,

Your love and spirit have never left us over 10 long/short years. Some days it seems like forever since we heard your laugh and on the other hand, seems like yesterday.

You would have been proud of Dad - he did well on his own but never ceased missing and loving you. Shortly after he moved here, he was thinking about you and tears fell down his cheeks. He grabbed a paper towel, cut his eye and had to go for an emergency visit when the pain got too bad. You would have laughed - you know how Dad was with Docs. The doctor was so very kind to Dad and asked how he cut his eye - Dad replied, "With this tissue" as he pulled the paper towel from his shirt pocket. The doctor smiled knowingly.

He talked about your life together a lot and always said you were the best mother and wife. I listened to him recount how you never ever let us cry or wake up in the night as babies - you were attending to us before we "called."

Oh, and Mom, you'd be so happy to hear Shirl had surgery on her knee and recovered quickly and with great courage. I always told her that I wished you guys could have known she finally was relieved of her pain.

Robin is still healthy and looks 10 years younger than he is. Does all his car and yard work - he helps me out, too. The four of us have traveled to the States a bit.

You'd drool if you could have seen Neil's and Dan's home - it's a 3 story beautiful home with full basement. They have worked hard to make it absolutely gorgeous. Neil planted things specifically in yours and Dad's memory and also in Miriam's memory. You should see their renovated kitchen - now, there's something you'd love.

Oh, you would have loved this story! Brian became a professional chef - he started his training after you took your final journey. He and I have talked often how you two would have been like two peas in a pod! I told him, "Grandma would have been on the phone to you all the time about the job" and he laughed his gentle laugh. He's doing well and works in a hoity, toity hotel - you and Dad would have loved staying there! (PS Not married yet but he's only 38!)

Now here's a story - Mark married Feb. 4th, 2007!!! Can you believe it?! He met "the One" in Vancouver several years ago. You'd love her, Mom! Guess what her name is? MiHwa! Pretty, eh? (And she is so beautiful, inside and out - she is so wonderful to us, especially caring to W.) I told MiHwa many times that you would have loved her!

I retired in February 2006, Mom. It was time. Oh, I forgot to tell you, in Dec. 03, W was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Actually, I was glad you didn't know - Dad said he'd offer his head to W as he didn't need it anymore! He found it difficult to watch. (BTW, Dad was in great shape mentally til his body gave out in May 05)

There is so much more to write but best close for now. Just know you are always remembered for all your wonderful attributes. We sit and fondly remember you every day! We thank you for the legacy you left for us - we still love you and always will.

From all of us - your family. S/R/N/D/ M&M/B/ and W&I Kisses and a big hug!

Forever loved and missed - - -

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Our Robin is Back!"

We opened the basement door to get wood this evening and were greeted with the sweetest music ever - our robin was back. At least it is the first time we have heard or seen him this spring.

He sat high in the tree singing to his heart's content - kind of made Easter weekend special - have you read the story of the robin and how he got his red breast?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I get a kick out of the theory that people clean their house because the house cleaner is coming. It always sound kind of funny - I guess you could pick up your PJ's and old peanut butter sandwich - but clean for the cleaner?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does anyone have experience with or ideas about a chef rack to mount on the ceiling for pots and pans?

In Dec. 2002, my last special gift from my man was a set of sparkly, gorgeous Lagostina cookware. It's so very beautiful it seems a shame to leave it in the cabinets.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring and Surprises

The snow is gone enough I could wander around our yard yesterday. Upon opening the garden shed, I was shocked to see it housed a very lucky squirrel all winter. Nuts, pine cones, remnants of my hammock and foam thingy to kneel on - all in shreds for his bed.

Grabbed the leaf rake but most of the lawn was too wet - I did a bit up by the pool - maybe an hours worth. This morn both my sides were so sore and stiff. Time to get working out.

Anyway, bought an exercise ball - purple, purple. Being we do not have carpet on the main, I guess have to take it to our guest room downstairs - expecting it will toss me off a time or two til I get used to it.

Has anyone any hints on using a ball - my sister sent me ideas from a web site.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don`t you just hate it when your dishwasher is clean and you toss something really yucky, top rack, over the whole thing!

Oh, well, guess I can check blogs while it washes again.

Typical spring day - cold, sun, raindrops and bits of green popping up around the yard. Yeah!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good vs Bad

We buy alarms, steering wheel bars, motion detector lights and multiple locks for our doors - now, due to idiots, we have to use word verification. I am not impressed to quote "you know who".

Anyway, sorry to go this way but, as usual, the idiots reign. May someone put itch powder in your shorts or panties.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There are nasty people out there, I'm finding, so am considering word verification. Any thoughts?

On another note, March is def. here. It's dark sky, winds, rain threatens - they have been trying to spray our fruit trees for 2 days.

The only good thing is that our snow is nearly gone - just huge piles from tossing it off the roof - and they are melting, too.

For the first time, ever, forgot to put the garbage out. Talking to my sister and hear the garbage truck's brakes screeching. Nice.

Have been considering buying a treadmill and or an elliptical. Does anyone have any advice about either?

My parting words/advice: change all your clocks! I didn't set one ahead and if not for Sis, would have missed a favorite TV show!!! Thank you - call me tomorrow to remind me again, OK?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gourmet Delight!

So, I needed food - fast.

Checked the fridge out - ooh, a cup of spaghetti with sauce.

Made toast. Spread the spaget on, topped with a cheese slice and another piece of toast.

Microwaved for 1 minute.

A new "recipe".

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thank You!

Your wonderful love and kindness transform a dreary day. Many thanks for your lovely meal and kindness, especially to my man.

What Day Goes here?

We finally got to sleep sometime after 2am - at 5am I remembered the company was coming to spray the fruit trees. Grrrr - it was so chilly out, heavy frost. I put on a coat and my sandals and ran down to unlock the pool gates.

Got the paper in and searched for the invoice - maybe free this time:)

Sat down to read the headlines under the day and date - Sunday March 9. Sunday!!! Didn't need to go out in the night - they are coming Monday morn. I hate retirement - well, not really.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I guess it's not "cool" but I love the Dol*ar stores. Sadly, very little is a dollar anymore but -

Just bought clear sink liners - soft, soft vinyl. Found a shower mat with the best suction, their sticky labels are great - I could go on and on. Bought sunglasses for $5 but promptly lost them.

Anyway else shop there on occasion?

Friday, March 7, 2008

I bought this stylized lily picture for our back entry. It wasn't right for size so I hung it over the toilet in the main bath. Perfect.

Now I still need a picture for the back entry/mudroom/ whatever you call it!

When the snow melts, we have a six foot strip of tiny gravel on our lawn from road sanding. Being it is impossible to rake, I use a wide shop broom.

Hee, haw, the comments I got from 2 men as they walked by - "Uh, little lady, aren't you using the wrong thing to rake gravel?" (Smirk, smirk)

"No, this is the only thing which will take care of it as the gravel is so tiny." (Smirk, smirk)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Soup's On!

The snow has melted enough that I'm able to start my soup again! If you're interested, the recipe is as follows:

1 large black pot (composter)

coffee grounds (for the worms)

eggshells - crushed

fruit peelings

vegetable peelings

dry grass/twigs, etc.

garden fork, etc. for stirring it

water for watering it (!)

a keen eye to see how much it "drops" in a day - which shows it's "cooking"

grateful plants which wait for the first "batch"

Have fun!
I was reaching for something in the crisper -aackk! my jam had fallen over and run down through the crisper vents - what a mess.

Now, if this were Monday, I could accept it better:)

So I did what any good procrastinator would do and poured another coffee.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This gave me my smile for the day!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time to take 'em down - - -

My sister and her husband arrived this afternoon and took down our Christmas circle at the front entry and the tree on the garage - don't get your shirt in a knot - it's only March 2! A neighbor walked by (I just know him to wave), he smiled a knowing smile!

Oh, well, time to put it all back soon.
So when you come to visit our house, be sure the bathroom door is latched firmly. Buddy the bulldozer loves to get on his hind legs, take a step and push the door open.

He has other "qualities" which I'll note later:)