Thursday, May 12, 2016

Post # 1 in series - - - Do What I Say, Not What I Do:)

Several months ago I dropped my Rx glasses as I was switching to my Rx sunglasses.

Fumbling around, I stepped on them and jumped as if they were a hot potato - as if that would help at that stage.

Anyway, long story short, new lenses and frames as I had ground them into the only patch of gravel in miles.

Tuesday, rushing to go into Wayne's care home - well, just re-read first few lines!

Couldn't believe it - always change from sunglasses to regular or vice versa - in the car - where it's safer - for the glasses!

Anyway, found weird old eyeglasses that would "do" for 10 days till I sport new ones - just over $700 worth of new ones.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Just under the wire - - - - 

It's just under a year since I last posted  - no heart to do so. This morning I decided to give it a try and have forgotten a lot about posting and pics!

I can't thank readers enough who sent emails and asked about how life was. We truly are blessed to have blogging friends both near and far. Thank you - and yes, Doc, you may use that post in Menopause Momenta - I fear you will have a lot of material from my blog if I post the weird stuff I encounter every day - I guess they are menopause moment!