Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We chose the color laminate we want for our floors today. It's a rich, deep color that will go well. Tomorrow the painter will do a bit of work so all will be "spiffed" up before the floor is laid.

I looked at carpet samples and my head spun so just left it. Enough to get the laminate done and then worry about carpet.

With a bit of luck and scheduling, we should have the place done before the end of October.

Hope all is well in your world.

Monday, September 24, 2007

They were numb and fumbled the pins, fingers so cold on wet towels. Birds sang wildly in competition with each other. The sun blinded me as I looked up at the brilliant blue sky through the trees. (It's 10/50 degrees here - we may have had a touch of frost last night.

Unless it warms up, this may be my last week of hanging laundry on my beloved line.

Enjoy your Monday.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beware the Laundry Hamper

I twirled in agony, are you to hold it high or in cold water? Funny, when someone is present, you yell like crazy if you split a nail. Silence, but my mind was whirling wondering what would ease the pain best. Didn't even look at my finger fearing what I'd see. No pain killers in the house.

Anyway, if you have vent holes in your hamper, I'd suggest taping them over. Drove my hand in quickly to get some items and caught my nail on the edge of a hole. Sore, sore, sore.

Anyway, yesterday (2 days after the fact) I bought a splint because broke it also vertically. Well, they make these with a lining of bright blue foam. I got in the car after purchasing it and set it in place, wrapped the tape and surveyed the situation.

We both sat and laughed because it looked like I was "giving the finger" to every car I met. As I held the steering wheel, this blue digit poked up at the world like a nasty.

So, dropped that finger down and drove 20 km's home with thumb and pointer finger daintily holding the wheel - offensive finger hidden away.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mountain Road Report - - -

Well, I have to thank all of you who wrote and commented. I'm sorry to have closed things for a few days(!) but felt it was very boring - no zing in my writing. Still isn't.

After traveling mountain roads in winter for years, it just struck me "Road Closed - Road Opened"

Well, due to your kind words the blogging road is open again.

Hopefully, I won't bore you to death - only to sleep:) Great for insomniacs, though!

Thank you again.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday - - -

So, wonderful sleep last night. Up at 8:30am and after a coffee (or two:), started laundry, vacuumed and now ready to wash floors.

Brought back memories of my childhood in the early 50's. Mom would boot us out of bed at 6am so she could wash our white sheets first. How I hated Mondays back then.

Winters she'd hang her clothes out, frozen immediately. Then haul them in, long johns like crazy frozen forms - scary as a child! Slowly they would thaw and the arms fall neatly by their sides. We used to go up to them and bend the arms and legs - intrigued with the process of "breaking" them. Dad had several lines in the kitchen for her and she's load that cook stove up to get the clothes dry.

Mom was meticulous about her housekeeping. Her lines were neat. When she folded clothes, the towels, etc. were folded only a certain way. To this day, I try to fold mine differently and can't. Seems sacrilegious to her memory.

Well, off to my electric dryer and auto washer - I should be more appreciative!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Busy Bee

So today I hauled grass and cedar clippings from our "hot little Chevy 1/4 ton truck" to the garden. Robin supplied the goodies for me. It's fill for one of the garden beds. I'm hoping it will compost down over the next few months and I won't have to buy soil. Go to work, worms!

Cleaned up some garden beds, weeded the pool bed and trimmed a few wild shrubs.

MiHwa called tonight - so sweet to talk to her. We have only one daughter-in-law (so far!) and love her much. All the family does.

Boring post folks but not too much happening here - lots of work on the agenda for tomorrow. Have to clean the windows I can reach, ha,ha. My list is slowly getting things scratched off.

Hope everyone has a great Friday - esp. if you're still working - so exciting when the weekend comes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007

I Feel His Presence

Soft breezes caressed us as we sipped coffee on her deck. "I feel his presence, Jean."
It warmed my heart for she was referring to my Dad. After he passed away in May 2005, Judy bought his home.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The List Lady

"Would someone please bring me a new dishwasher soap?"

"There is none."

"Acckk, check the pantry and the garage shelves. Got to have dishwasher soap."


This is after Christmas dinner one year. I vowed "never again" as we stood up to our elbows in the sink 'n suds. So, the lists evolved.

My master Christmas list is for every item I could possibly need making a Christmas feast and having company - right down to tea candles.

When I plan my meals, list each dish I'll make and the ingredients/utensils that will be needed. For example:

Turkey: oil, herbs, wide foil, rack, lifters

Each year I search my favorite magazines and files for a couple new dishes. That is why I start now. Big job:)

It's a great idea to list your table items also and have all the linens collected. As it draws nearer, I put them all on the same shelf in the linen closet - including candles and napkins.

I do the same for each room decorated. As Christmas comes closer and Sup**rSto*e has their sale on where you spend $250. and get $30. off, I go and buy all my ingredients at once. Usually I have $80. in points so it ends up being very good deal.

Of course, there is always last minute produce and dairy.

Used to decorate for Halloween but it's too much work so we'll just plan Christmas. I will wear my creepy goggles, though, when I hand out candy:)

All This talk - - -

All this talk about "things" being loose in the house reminded me of "long ago". Vacuuming the closet floor, I discovered a "lizard" - actually, now I have to phone him but it was a kind of lizard:)
Anyway, as usual, I freaked til I realized it was a dead, dehydrated lizard.

So I call Brian, who's about 14 at the time, to come dispose of it.

He was surprised with my find - said he had it in his room and it got away a month ago- what!!! I've been sleeping with a dehydrating lizard keeping me company?

Our house was kind of a mini zoo - the guys had all kinds of pets. No crickets inside, though. We used to leave the windows open to listen to them at night til development chased them on.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Going, Going, Gone!

So I saw this electric fireplace at Co*tco a few days ago - kind of forgot about it til today.

Ha,ha,ha - if you see something you want get it Now!! They were all gone. But, I kind of think maybe it was meant to be -

I was even too upset to have one of their sundaes so you understand, I hope:)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Grasshopper Pie, Anyone?

So I'm sitting here working on my Christmas meals and decor plans - all is peaceful just the cat and my Hon and I. All of a sudden the cat charges across the floor toward me - someone give you catnip, Buddy? "No, I see a grasshopper on the edge of the table lamp shade, Mom."
I freaked, the cat freaked and Hon calmly asks us both what all the commotion is about.

When I got up, it startled the poor grasshopper so now it's somewhere. Some where in my house!
I was running for Kleenex when he made his escape. I closed the bedroom doors vowing to never open them again til said grasshopper is gone.

He's back, back on the lampshade! So I'm dancing a jig and ran away, spinning out on the floor.
Cat's all excited spinning out on the floor, too, he wants it for a snack.

To the rescue, Superhopper, my Man. He grabbed it in the wad of Kleenex I had tossed to him moments earlier. Flush!

Hopefully no more excitement tonight.

Buddy got a nice snack for alerting me to the yucky thing.

Happy Birthday, Robin!

Hope you have the "bestest", most relaxing day ever - do what you enjoy most.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Beautiful Fall - - -

Is anyone else as surprised as I that Sept. 1st crept up on us? Actually, I am happy. This morn I pulled weeds in our side driveway lawn. Perfectly mellow temp of about 20 degrees.

The trees are changing quite quickly now as the days shorten bringing on a new beauty. I have to keep my camera in the car - seems like yesterday I was taking pics of the spring blossoms.

This is a holiday weekend in Canada but I guess they are not such "looked for weekends" as when we worked. I'd like to get the garden pulled- it was a disappointment this year - many people said that.

Celebrate your extended weekend and have a safe and relaxing few days off.