Saturday, January 27, 2007

Me: So it's Mexican, then? (The restaurant was in our casino hotel)
Him: Suits me.
Them: No, you don't want to go there- the food's terrible. Come with us - we're on our way to our favorite Mexican restaurant and it's only 20 minutes from here.
Us: Oh, OK, (As I looked over at Jack the Ripper and his Wife - are we nuts! Going with strangers to the garage under Circus Circus to get their car. (We found out later they were thinking the same thing as we were in their back seat)
It's amazing how a minute or two can change your life - in this case for the better. We forgot something in our room and ran back, roared back to the elevator. The door was just closing and they held it. Four strangers all intent on Mexican.
Turns out their room was just a couple doors from ours.
What a riot of fun - it was a great Mexican restaurant and we lingered for a long while learning about each other. It was incredible to find we had at least 15 things in common - even birthdays in the same months. Developed an instant "connection".
Anyway, we spent another evening with them at a BBQ and met people in the community they were moving to (from Pacifica, California).
Sad to say, we have never been able to go back to Reno - maybe someday - but keep in touch daily. When they ended their Rocky Mountaineer Tour in Vancouver, they stayed at the hotel where one of our sons is a chef .
Anyway, our friendship grows by long distance and we treasure them.
Update:Heard from them- the restaurant is Bertha Miranda - wonderful

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