Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy New Year (Procrastinator!)

So I'm a little bit late with my Happy New Year wishes and resolutions -
My #1 resolution: don't procrastinate - bombed on that one right off.
My #2 resolution: try not to handle anything twice. eg:Come in house, put bag on the shelf, not on the chair, then the bookcase, then finally the shelf. It really works and it's been one of my successes.
My #3 resolution: learn to blog - well, quit rolling on the floor - I'm trying.
My #4 resolution: balance my day - Right now, a little too much play, not enough work!
How did you make out the 1st month of 2007?


S&R said...

" Happy New Year"!

to a very special sister& brother

Jean said...

Thank you!