Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Can Egg Really Do That?"

So one of our sons is a chef. I try to do well in the kitchen, Kraft Dinner and the like.
Anyway, made mushroom consomme for guests one time. I asked him for his hoity-toity recipe - some hints and ideas, please. Well, instead of the 6 lines from my magazine, I have a full 8 x 11 sheet (handwritten, yes) on Mushroom consomme. Gulp. I learned words like "raft". It really impressed me that he rattled off the recipe like I'd give mine for Shake and Bake chicken!
I was a bit intimidated when told to "stir slowly til the egg presses against the spoon". Can eggs really do that, Bri? It's late so I'll post both recipes when I'm awake.

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