Sunday, March 18, 2007

Alarmed by Foreign Sounds

Since I retired I rarely set the alarm - the other day had an earlier appointment so had to. Was lying in bed awake, forgetting the alarm was ready to go off, when it rang. Buddy the cat, sprang off the bed in one movement right into the hallway. I burst out laughing - if only I could move that fast when I awake. He hasn't forgiven me.


Trish said...

That is hilarious! Poor Buddy! I wonder what our cats must really think about us sometimes...It's probaboy a good thing that they can't talk. Well, I mean in words. They DO "talk"!

Trish said...

Ok, I can spell when I want to. My cat was telling me how to spell "probably" in the last post. LOL!

Jean said...

Too funny!