Sunday, March 25, 2007

And I end my week on a serious note- - -

I'm getting the shakes! Troubles galore. My printer has a severe case of "something", my camera USB is on strike and the scanner is toast. Does it get any better than this? I'm sitting here thinking maybe I should break down and get the hot new system computer son told me to get last December. And wouldn't you know, I just put new ink cartridge in, grrr! I know my computer is not fast but neither am I - it suited me just fine.

So, in case you guys were wondering why she is not posting new pics, that's why. I finally found a pic of Chef on my computer but all my favs are from a 35mm and I have to scan them. Someday.

My biggest upset is I can't print Trish's music lesson - but wait - is that kind of like "the dog ate my homework"?! That's Ok, Trish. I'm still working on g.f.e.d.c!


Trish said...

You are too funny! If you can't print my lesson there at home, you will just have to come for a regular weekly lesson! Oh yeah, and I am SO demanding on my students, giving them a new lesson like... once a month! I always tease my students, telling them "now don't practice too much or your fingers will fall off!" Sorry to hear of your printer/scanner woes. My camera is broken -- so, I feel your pain!

Jean said...

Do piano teachers "whack" fingers if they don't play well? (forgot to practise, Miss Trish~)

On another topic, it's sooo good to have you back blogging. I really missed it.