Friday, March 16, 2007

A Bouquet for all the Good People in Our Lives

Was just sitting here thinking about all the good people in our lives. We have family who always supports us - and we lean a bit heavily on them physically and mentally. Then all the friends and neighbors. It's not about building me a fence or something like that- it's about "being there" in a way we know.
We had a Co2 scare a year ago from an improperly installed device. At 8pm our detector went off and I grabbed my man and the cat. It was very cold and we were standing on the front step kind of shocky. Our neighbor just happened to be taking her dogs for a walk. Her husband (volunteer FF) was away but she called a FF she knew was on call just a few doors away. He took care of things in such a kind manner. Arrived without lights on - I had asked that, so no one would be upset - he said really is to use lights but under the circumstances would write it up - no lights! It's stuff like this I really appreciate.
Also, our ISP- they provide cable, phone and digital TV. Once they knew our situation, the lead tech gave me his cell # and said phone him day or night- I'd try never to call at night but it was so "over the top service".
Then all the friends I've met on my blog - great people.
Enough - you all probably have similar stories. I really believe 99% of people are wonderful and caring because I see it daily.


Elaine said...

A bouquet to all the people that have helped me out since having double knee surgery in Jan. The Homecare Girls have been wonderful, the IGA boys have delivered groceries and brought them right into the kitchen, the paper boy (man) has brought the paper into the kitchen also. Friends and family have dropped in or phoned often and I've had a continuous stream of flowers since Jan. 3. So great to have such nice paople in my life. THANKS>

Jean said...

Glad you had lot of help- things going OK?

Petra said...

We do get caught up with life, it's
intrusions, infusions and just the
mere effort of putting one foot in front of other. During these times, we are helped, at times
coddled and times when we need it
most, we are alone with the comfort
that our Lord is right there with us. I am not preaching, just letting you know that you are not
alone, ever......
It is these times that we are
so reminded of the kindness of
others, the people who have taken
that extra step, extra hand, extra
hug and sometimes just their quiet
presence so that we are not alone.
Bouquets and grateful thanks to

Jean said...

Never worry about "preaching, Petra". It's never perceived as such. I talk to Him so much I think He rolls His eyes- "give me a break and someone else a chance",just kidding. We are at a stage where we need every little bit of help - mental, physical and prayer.Have to say the strength from my blogging friends is terrific. Thank you. all. xx