Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Day Full of Sunny Memories

So I thought today would be oh, so difficult, but it's amazingly not! I'm grateful for that. The day is crisp and sunny - glad it's not all cloudy and gloomy:)

Anyway, wanted to share a story which helped me deal with the initial raw grief.

A family of 7 was out for a suppertime bicycle ride when Mom was lost to them- hit by a drunk driver. The oldest child was 15 years of age. Struck down literally in front of them. Previously spending many evenings wrapped in my arms of steel, this shook me up. From that moment on, I still grieved but was grateful to have had 53 years - not 15.

I hope this perspective helps a wee bit to those of you who grieve - and not only grieve death. There are many reasons to grieve. Sunny, happy skies to you all today. If you have a story that helped you, I'd be happy if you commented because we can help each other.

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