Friday, March 16, 2007

Dinner Tonight!

Salsa Chicken
If you need an easy, very fast dish, this is it. I found this recipe years ago and we love it.

9 x 13" glass pan 350 oven
6 chicken breasts
Spread a generous layer of salsa in the bottom of the pan. Lay breasts in and top them with salsa. Bake.
***My method: I chop onion finely. I lay the salsa in the dish and "dip" the breasts in a saucer of salsa - so well coated. Lay breasts in pan. then top with onion and cover with foil for an hour. Remove foil and turn breasts over and reduce heat to 300 and cook about 15 min. Delicious. I always serve steamed yams or sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. Tomorrow will make long grain rice and after it's cooked, stir it around in the salsa and heat with the chicken. Delicious!Recipes call for 30 min for chicken- I always go 60- 75 and it's moist.
Hope you try and enjoy this very easy recipe. Served a salad and hot pickles. Cheers.
PS I know I should serve broccoli or green something but too lazy to go get it.
Update: I cook my rice in the microwave. 8 min high and 18min. medium.Perfect everytime.


shir said...

Trying this recipe tomorrow,with rice
and salad.Thank's for posting tthe recipe.

Jean said...

Make lots- I'll come "sample" yours to make sure it's done right:)

Trish said...

This sounds so delicious! I'm going to make it on Saturday night. Want to come sample some of mine? :-) It sounds so yummy, I'll bet it would be worth the trip! BTW, I'm really enjoying your gardening tips and ideas. Can't wait to get started with all of that!

Petra said...

Yummmmmm! My hubby loves spicy
anything and he loves salsa, the
hotter the better. Will definitely
try the receipe....

Jean said...

Hi Trish! Being you are so busy it's a perfect recipe for you. Looks better with broc or something served with it but - Why don't we organize a pregressive dinner - think I'll put that up and do the invites- even if it's by internet- someday in person.PS Tastes even better next day so makes doubles!

Jean said...

Petra- using homemade salsa? That will really be good - use lots of chicken as it's even better the next day. But, then, I never cook for one meal.