Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is Good

So I was just thinking about our day -to -day life and it's good. We basically do what we want, when we want. No doubt I miss my pay cheque but as one son put it, you choose between the money and enjoying time with Dad. Well put!

Today was a typical stormy March day - we drove to the lake and walked for 10 minutes. Then slowly meandered home thru orchards and back roads.

I put tea on and we lay on the bed in a guest room enjoying some wonderful sunshine for an hour. Then supper and caught the last of the rays.

Hope you had a good day, too!


Petra said...

Something so soothing about napping in a sun drenched room. The
gentle warmth through the window
pane absolutely lulls one and then
all the outside worries seem to

Jean said...

You know, I've been tempted to remove the bed, etc. and make it a TV/library. Could make another guest rm downstairs.

Petra said...

Sounds great...we converted an upstairs bedroom to just that, sans
the library.....