Friday, March 16, 2007

Planning Again

Kind of excited to start my garden plan for this year. Is never written in stone and changed as I plant. This pic is the row of Marigolds I like to start with - they are just colorful. My potatoes are already "growing" in my dry heap in the "back 40". I have more success throwing generous peelings in the pile and letting them sprout. When they are about 2" high, I move them to the potato patch. The very best spuds in town, ha! Have great success with squashes of all kinds - we love Spaghetti and Hubbard. Anyway, I'm going to type up a list of companion plants I have in case it's of use to any of you folks.


Petra said... you save your marigold
seeds from your plants? In the late fall, when the flowers have
dried up, I put them in a paper
bag, leave the bag open for a couple of weeks and then close and
store. We do the same for our
tomatoes, cucs, squash and peppers.
Saves money that I can use for more
"decorative" items in the garden.
I love to put little surprises in
the garden....

Jean said...

Funny you mention that- last year we went on a trip and the plants were still not dried up- by hte time we came home they wwere snow-covered.So this year I pulled them up and tosses in a pile in the garden- shook them. Hope I get some as they were beauties. Thanks for the ideas.Take some pics this year, OK?