Sunday, March 25, 2007

Roberta and Robert Robin

We are so very excited as Mr. and Mrs. Robin have chosen our cedar hedge to build their nest- I say that loosely as she is doing all the building - he, Robert Robin - is the supervisor- nibbling worms and the odd this and that. He kind of irks me. Meanwhile, sweat is pouring from her brow- well, beak.
Anyway, I foolishly mentioned my observations to my Man and he thought Robert was wise and experienced. "She probably never was happy with his nest so let's her do it herself":) Ouch, touched a nerve.
PS I will try to get a pic of the pair with my camera- I think if I sit very quietly in the garage, eventually they will "pose" for me. You'll know Roberta as she'll be the one hauling the nesting materials:)

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