Friday, April 20, 2007

Forgot to tell you about the highlight of our big groceries shopping trip. As couples are prone to do, my Hon and I got carried away picking up 4 liter jugs of milk. Ended up with 4 in the cart. So it's been a big, long, busy time in the store and we wheel up to the cashier. She looked young and sweet - good choice. Not that old and sour would be bad - - -She's merrily scanning items til the milk arrived on the belt. Her little brain took a bit to compute and she looked at me asking how many children we have! I got the insinuation and replied "2" with a steely return.
Oh, oh, time to make idle chit chat - she now asks how old they are! "37 and 39". Computer whirls and she couldn't hide her total confusion.

We paid and left her to think about that. Hee, hee, hee.


Trish said...

Oh, how very funny!!!!

Jean said...

yeah, it really threw her for a loop.I bit my tongue as was going to say and the 3rd is due in Sept.