Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here We go Again

At 7 pm our beloved Canucks are taking on Anaheim. Uh, if you don't "have" a team and want to help me out, you could cheer for the Nucks. They drive us crazy with their play and then they will (sometimes) win the game.

My Mom used to cheer for them and this was pre '98 - they couldn't win a game and she always said, "Just wait, someday they will be a good team" You were right Mom and I wish you were here for so many things but also to cheer on the Nucks after having so much faith in them long ago.

So, you Canuck guys - win one for Mom, OK?

Had lots of time to work on hydrangeas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Petra said...

Have not been following the playoffs. Hockey, believe it or not is not a big ticket sport here
except in Chicago itself. Basketball is the rage. I used to
cheer on the Calgery Flames when
I lived in Calgary. For you, Jean,
will root for the Canucks!!!!!!

Jean said...

Ah, thanks. I think they need all the help they can get!Have you ever been to a pro basketball game? I like Calgary, Edmonton and the Avs but don't tell the Nucks - I like them too.

Jean said...

BTW, Petra, I moved the 2 lilies in ash and they were just so beautiful! All bright green and the soil was loose- maybe they just wanted to get to a new spot!

Petra said...

daylillies need to be separated
every four years or so, as do
irises. Our veggie garden, as I
mentioned earlier is filled with
woodash all winter and then tilled
in in the spring. Throughout the
winter I have also been known to
throw eggshells and coffee grounds
and tea bags onto the garden....Looks a big grungy come spring but once tilled in the soil
works up beautifully.

Jean said...

glad you told me to separate the daylillies - the ones in the drive bed are 10 yrs old and we're moving them to the pool bed.