Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hockey Alert!!!

The game is on at 5pm in case any else is interested! Just talking with Computer son and he casually mentioned it! Mercy, Child, I need this info ASAP! I would have tuned in at 7pm - as usual. I would have missed 2 hours of nail biting plays. Plus, I like to tell them when and where to shoot the puck! They need me - anyway, for your information - - -


Trish said...

Thank Goodness you were informed of the early start time! It would have held up the whole event waiting for you to get "there". There is NO WAY they could have started without you!

Jean said...

I know you mean that sincerely, Trish. Well, it wouldn't be sarcasm, would it? I coached my best from afar and they still lost!