Sunday, April 29, 2007

Looking for April!

Wonder where April went - the months just fly by. I thought maybe being retired, time would drag. Seems just as busy as when working- I know, everyone says that. Anyway, here's to May!

April showers bring May flowers- uh, we didn't have much for showers in April. Maybe May will be wet.


Elaine said...

I agree, I sure don't know where the month of April went. We've had beautiful weather the past week and I see some my primroses (brought home from Westbank) are peeking through.Also some tulips and daffs.
I must get out in the perennials and get some of the old plants cut off. I did most of them last fall, but a few were blooming so left them. Have a great day!!

Jean said...

Thanks, Elaine! I love primrose but don't have any.