Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Just put coffee on and watched the birdhouse slightly swaying. I think maybe she's putting coffee on too.
Brings back memories of Jasper or our lake campsite - I'd be lying awake watching the sun rise and the mist roll on the lake - slowly people and things would begin to stir. Kids would emerge fro m their Rv's or tents full of energy, tousle headed little ones.

Then doors would open and Mama's would be bustling around while Dad's set up the stoves or BBQ's . Some would sit for a cigarette- and most would have coffee in hand - the path to the shower facilities well worn over time.

Surprisingly, It was never noisy - just murmurings and quiet talk.

I think I should have written"some would sit with a cigarette" - "Did I hear proof read? What's that? Thank goodness my blogging buddies just ignore my boo-boos!

In Jasper, the men usually sat on the decks in the crisp air, feet on rails and greeted the day.


Helena Rocca said...

Good memories there, Jean. You're connecting me with some good ones of my own. Thanks! And I hope the back is feeling better!

Jean said...

Hi!You are in a bit of trouble with your blogging ladies- we've been worried about you! Just kidding. Anyway, I'm going to go soak in the tub. Hopefully I'll be able to crawl out of it after, ha,ha.

Elaine said...

You do make me remember so many camping trips. We (Hubby, his sister, her hubby and our total of 7 kids under7) used to go camping at one of our northern lakes. What wonderful times. The first year we both borrowed 9 x 9 tents, and that along with cooking pots, etc, sleeping bags, and an ax were all that we took. We cooked over an open fire, there was an outdoor biffy that was quite busy when there were other campers there too, and sometimes there were picnic tables. We really roughed it. But we had a ball. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go back in time and do it all over again. Our kids all say that was the best camping trips they've ever been on. This was about 50 years ago. Where has the time gone???