Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh, What a Night

Had an exhausting evening of worry but awoke to the sun's warmth. Looks like a good day coming up. There is so much to do I don't know where to start. We got our big order yesterday and that is a challenge. Dated it all and set the stuff at the stairs to go to the pantry - it's still there! After I got word about my friend, I just kind of stopped to focus on that.

Thank goodness for leftovers - we heated up the ravioli casserole and it's now history. Something I do want to mention is how grateful I am for email and blogs - but especially email. It's so wonderful to get instant info.

What do you ladies do when there is so much - how do you decide where to start?


Petra said...

When the world seems to be closing in with all sorts of traumatic
happenings on the home front and
even afar, I put the kettle on, fill the teapot, put the cozy over top and while it is steeping, have
a quiet time of prayer. Prayer
has a calming effect on me. The troubles do not disappear, but an
inner strength has been infused,
enabling me to face what is ahead.

Jean said...

Good plan, Petra. Some days overwhelm me.