Thursday, April 26, 2007

Word Games - Verbosely

So, we will get back on schedule with one word per week offered up on Thursdays, as before.

Verbose: using too many unneeded words to be clear.

Well, I am insulted, Randon House, but I suppose honored - I didn't realize your editors read my blog!

Anyway, I checked with said dictionary and verbosely is a word!

Synonym: talkative or wordy, really!!
Example: Welcome to our world, really!!


Elaine said...

sole, verb, lose, rely, obese, rose, reel, robes, leer.

That's it, don't want to be verbosely. HAHA

Petra said...

berb, verse, bee, bees, see serve, beer, reel sly, robes, yes, lose ,

Jean said...

You both get "A's"! And that was very witty,Elaine!

Jean said...

levy, rob, orb, lose, bevy, snap

Trish said...

I think I could win the Miss Verbose Award. Do I get a banner like Miss America? And a crown? I'll play the game later -- too many PR engagements at the moment.LOL!

Jean said...

I've been waiting for womeone to go "Hey!" - you can't use snap! Did anyone notice I used it?