Monday, May 28, 2007

Full Circle

So I have decided to set Hon's office up again. We have a lot of company and being he wasn't using it, converted it to a mighty handsome guest room. But, a little string always tugged at my heart telling me to make it his again - so -

Got rid of the 2 twin beds and soon as I collect some energy, will set his office stuff up. Luckily, I kept all his furniture. Over the years I've bought him chess related stuff including a chess table, so should look "homey" again.

He has some nice keepsakes so I'll get those arranged. This room won't be used although maybe he and I will sit there and read sometime. There are built in bookshelves. Full bookshelves! I do need to buy two reading chairs for us.

Well, better get at it.


Vernon said...

How about some nice reflective, relaxing type music ie birds chirping or water sounds with the music. When I go for massages, there is always that kind of music and I find it so relaxing. I do play it at home also.Have fun 'fixing up' your relaxation room.

Elaine said...

That should be from Elaine, not Vernon. I didn't notice that his (my son) name had come up. Sorry

Petra said...

Bet your hubby will enjoy the room,
and perhaps even spark something in him which will help. Using it
together will help lead him back
in....good idea and a very loving

Jean said...

Phew! I freaked and thought I had my "first" spam weird guy- thank you for letting me know it was you Elaine. Yes, Petra, I look forward to it- he remembers and loves his books.