Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's Sprummer, It's Sprummer!

Just a gorgeous day going here - will be hot- forecasting temps around 30 - we love it. There should be a new season cause it's not spring any longer and I guess it's not official summer, how about sprummer?

Check out Trish's site- she had her annual Memorial Day picnic - looks like such fun. Maybe next year? I love a fire at night. Fun.

Just heading out to plant my day lilies - we have room in the pool bed yet. they bloom in June/July making a dramatic presence.

Have a nice day, everyone.


Petra said...

Love the bleeding heart Jean. Ours, is now finished blooming, but I look forward to it every spring.

Jean said...

Have you ever seen a white one? I had one but it died.

Petra said...

Yes I have, but believe it is called Solomon's Seal.