Monday, May 28, 2007

No Regard For Other People - - - Especially Your Brother

So we were called last night and arrangements made to see people today after lunch - at our home. Yes, you made the arrangements, not I. Guess you guys really don't get it - Life is not as it used to be. Repeat after me - - -

I got both of us up early. We showered and brushed teeth and dressed and ate. I kept saying that company was coming. - Repeat after me - "Life is not as it used to be." Maybe write a hundred lines so it sinks in.

At 2 pm I finally called your cell - we had not heard from you & I had to pick something up at the pharmacy before it closed.

You informed me that the other party had left town at 11am so the planned visit was off. Sincerest thanks for letting us know - walk a mile in his shoes. Your own brother you toss off.

My sincerest thanks for making a day even more difficult & confusing for my Man - who I obviously love more than you do. But that's been obvious for a long, long while. Trust none of the bunch of you ever has to walk in his shoes because no one has empathy for anyone -especially for your own family member.

Am I surprised, no. Am I disappointed, no. You're transparent.


Trish said...

I am sorry for you both, that you had to go through something like this today. Hugs to you both!

Petra said...

Jean, I am so very sorry. I remember my mother's anger through
the telephone lines expressing the
same sentiments as you. I truly, truly empathize. Hugs.