Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Un - Picnic

So we had a lovely "unpicnic" day. For all the stuff I packed, it appeared we were off on a weekend camping trip. Anyway, I guess knew I should have stayed home when (1) I got up and realized I had forgotten to put the gel paks in the freezer. By some miracle they froze in time.

We headed to the next little city and scouted around several used shops for books - (2) bought 3 books and were over charged for them. Then (3) put money in the meter for 1/2 hour, added a quarter and got 16 minutes! A bit thick so carried on. (4)"Accidentally" headed out on the highway managing to get lost on back roads. Off to Safeway and the Dollar store and one other we like. The stress(ha,ha) was causing my tummy to growl so we decided to go to our park and eat. (5) The place was invaded by huge Canadian geese, ducks and pigeons and starlings. People don't listen and were feeding grain, etc. to the geese - a no, no. We got out a took a few pics before a goose carried me away.

It's now 5:30pm and we head south toward home - I think -
Anyway, we see a picnic table 10 miles from home and decide, by gum, we're going to have our picnic whatever. (6)Whatever turned in to an ugly, snarling, lame dog who arrived growling just as we lay the tablecloth and cooler down. Very relieved when (7) ignorant manager showed up to "rescue" us from his dog who is now lying there like an angel. (8) He tells us the gates are now being locked - at 5:30pm to a government tourist info site. Now I turned into an ugly, snarling dog. Just kidding - by this time we said we'd leave and drove home. It actually was pretty funny as we recounted our day - and there were no bugs when we lay our picnic fare on the kitchen table and finally ate after 6pm! (9) The Ducks trounced Ottawa - I'm going to bed!


Petra said...

Oh Jean.....

your pictures were beautiful, the
park looks lovely.

Trish said...

What a day! Well, I guess you made a memory one way or another :-)

Elaine said...

Funny picnic day. Some days are like that tho and we just have to laugh and enjoy the next day which has to be better.

Jean said...

Yeah, we had fun and actually got a lot of mileage out of our woes. Plus, we had forgotten the game was on so watched it while we picnicked at our table!