Monday, May 28, 2007

Why is it so difficult !!???

So just for fun I put a countdown to 2008 on my page - it took 1 hour 15 minutes! Shouldn't admit that but what is going on? Anyway, I am having page problems ever since I added the floral banner to the header. And that's a week ago.

We're sitting here celebrating my accomplishment (finally) and I said to my Hon that I think God took pity on me & "made it work". Think I felt a smack on the head! I actually had to go into the code and change a couple things - then it worked. Ah, the mysteries of computers.

Ackk -doesn't work - hours don't show.

Update: now the hours show! "The mysteries of computers!"


Elaine said...

Great, now if I just subtract 6 days I will know how many shopping days til Christmas. Thanks.

Petra said...

cannot help you Jean. I am just very happy to be operating my
computer without crashing it. Have a habit of overloading....LOL

Jean said...

Ha, ha, ha to you both!!Actually it will be here before we know if it's like the rest of the years.