Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Does it Get Any Better???

So I think Someone hates me! We got up nice and early in order to arrive at our appt. on time.
Got thru that and decided to buy our groceries before we left for home.

All is well, paid for groceries and realized I forgot the onions. Ran back to produce and as I turned the corner- splut! Slipped on a piece of lettuce. It was a wipe out to remember and I'm grateful I didn't break anything. So now both knees, my right ankle and foot and right hip are very sore. As I'm driving home, my neck and shoulders started to stiffen up and get sore.

The produce guy was standing right there when I did my acrobatics - he grabbed the lettuce and hopefully scrapped it. Or ate it.

Is this Monday?!


Trish said...

Oh my goodness!!! As if you needed One More Thing...I am so sorry for you. I'll bet that is going to be sore tomorrow :-(, but I hope it doesn't stay that way for long!

Petra said...

Gosh Jean, I hope the produce
department attendant at least apologized for the lettuce causing
you to fall......

Jean said...

No, he just offered me my onions free.

Anonymous said...

sorry for you mom,
I believe it's better you body is sore right away than sore a few days later.
Hope you get better soon..


Anonymous said...

I hope you weren't too terribly injured.

Jean said...

Hey, welcome, Patrice! Better than expected today(day after) but bruised and my hip and foot is sprained.Be very careful and check out the floor in produce when walking, ha,ha.