Sunday, June 24, 2007

Maybe I Should Watch Commercials

Best Paper Towels

In the battle of the paper towels, some rolls scrub it down and drink it up better than others

Best Paper Towels
Tina Rupp
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Strongest: Bounty Double Quilted
About $1.69 a roll (different rolls of Bounty are available at warehouse clubs for about $1 a roll), 120 sheets a roll.

  • Bounty towels won the grape test; they could hold 136 grapes, or 27.8 ounces. Half the tested brands ripped under the weight of just 80 grapes.

  • They soaked up two-ounce spills of both oil and juice using half as many sheets as some other brands.

  • Con:
  • Rough texture; not a good stand-in for facial tissues.
  • (This is the site's fndings - I have never tried them but may now!


    Trish said...

    Interesting and informative! Thank you!

    Jean said...

    I have never used paper towel on my face?? Has anyone?