Friday, June 29, 2007

My Dream

I always have dreamed of opening a gift/design shop with accessories for the home. We talked seriously about it years ago as our city didn't really have a source.

Seems people would like to be able to furnish their homes with medium to upscale pieces. Guess for now, this idea is set aside but maybe someday - - -


Trish said...

Maybe someday! You could do it, I know you could and it would be GREAT! Did I ever tell you I owned a gift shop in the historical village of Ridgefield, CT? I opened it in 1984 -- closed in 1990 when the mega-mall opened nearby. No regrets! It was a wonderful experience!

Jean said...

You're a lady of many talents! No, you forgot to tell me. Want to be my cohort in crime if I open one? Maybe we could include a floral component:)