Sunday, June 17, 2007

Relaxing Fathers Day

We have had the laziest Fathers Day! This morn I gave my Man his gifts and we lay in bed with the morning paper and a pot of coffee. Finally, a gourmet breakfast for Father - a dish of cereal in bed! We kept saying that we had to get up and finally I grabbed a bowl each and we ate in bed! How's that for classy?! Honestly, usually I would have made a frittata or something.

S&R came out to visit in the after noon and both sons called. Very, very nice day.

The weather is cold, wet and still rains when it feels like it so the plans for filet mignon are postponed til the first warm evening. Then we will celebrate Fathers Day all over again!


Trish said...

Sounds like a nice day!

Petra said...

Breakfast and the morning paper in
bed is true pampering!!!!
What a great day.

Kim said...

Nothing better than relaxing! I wouldn't say you were lazy- someone had to get up and get the coffee, cereal, and paper! so you did do something. ((( smile)))

Jean said...

Hey, you're right, Kim!