Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Solstice

We had a great evening celebrating the summer solstice. Kind of intrigues me for some reason.
Took some pics. Our back deck faces East so with a brisk breeze, it was chilly. Go around front and it's cooking hot out.
Anyway, grilled a large batch of vegs and of course, steak.
Even Buddy, the Cat, got in on the celebrations - from his cage.
Did anyone else sit out?
PS this is our new very small BBQ


Trish said...

Yep. Beautiful evening! The kind that makes you dream...

Kim said...

sounds yummy!! I didn't get outside much today, I had lots of packing to do for the family, they went on vacation, and I jumped at the oppurnity to be alone.

Jean said...

So did they go camping or something - enjoy the peace and quiet and rest up!