Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So tomorrow will be the longest day - we will have our Fathers Day BBQ that night and sit out on the deck - realizing the days will slowly shorten after! Yikes! I want them to stay "longest" forever.

Anyway, have to think about a special steak dinner to celebrate summer.

Also, July 1 and 4th celebrations are just a bit away so we'll get our decorations out for that. I think I'll buy some sparklers and light them on the front drive - will try to get a pic of our little celebration July 1st - if it's not raining!

WalMart in the States was always our source of wonderful decorations and I miss that store! Thank goodness I stocked up as much as possible when we would go shop "down South".

Anyway, got to run for now. Have a nice, sunny day in your part of the world.

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Kim said...

sounds delightful! and fun. We will probaly be celebrating the 4th w/ family. My sister-in-law was born on this day- many yrs. ago