Monday, June 25, 2007

A Tim Stop

So after our appt. today, we stopped at Tim's place! Their coffee is tasty and for the first time ever, we had a "full meal deal" - Med. Coffee, donut, small bun, small soup for something like $3.45 - it was just a snack/treat to keep everyone happy and it worked - and I liked it , too!
Actually, I was thinking it would be perfect for seniors - hey, I'm a senior and it wasn't filling enough, ha,ha.


Kim said...

Sounds yummy for such a great deal!!

Anonymous said...

My mom and I visit Tim Hortons
for coffee and sour cream doughnuts
every time I hit
their doughnuts.....donuts as they
are spelled here in the States.

Jean said...

yum, yum