Friday, July 6, 2007

Grief Presents for Many Reasons

The loss of a loved one to death causes agonizing grief. I have experienced that several times in my life.
At first raw grief is almost physical pain. Thankfully, the immediate pain slowly eases a bit over the months that follow. In order to try to put my loss in perspective, I would hear of others' losses. This helped me to accept mine.

Grief follows loss of pets. We vowed never to have another pet after our first one died but eventually knew we could offer lots of love and vice versa. So down the same road we traveled with subsequent pets.

Loss of jobs, engagements, marriages, friends - grief has to be dealt with.

The past several years I have grieved the loss of my Hon to Alzheimer's disease. The blessing is that I still have him physically with me. It was interesting in that I asked our MD for medication - for me - to make the pain go away. His answer - you are grieving. You need to grieve and work it out. He was right but I wanted an instant "fix". So far I am dealing with our situation without meds for me!

Someone commented they liked seeing the angel on the side bar: "On the wings of time, grief flies away" Said it helped to read it. Me, too, thanks!


Trish said...

Very thoughtful of you to post this. You are a dear friend!

LauraHinNJ said...

I imagine it must be so hard for you. Hope you have plenty of friends and family closeby for support and respite from the difficult times.

Jean said...

Hi, Laura - yes, we do and my Hon has a great time with people he is comfortable with.Obviously not every one understands but the ones who do just make my life so much easier."Big thank you".Hope you had a good day!